Another Electric Longboard Goes The Distance

Looks like electric longboards are becoming a thing, with increasingly complex electronics going into them to squeeze as much performance as possible out of them. When an electric longboard lasts for 35 miles, can longboard hypermiling be far behind?

If endurance longboarding sounds familiar, it’s because we just covered a 25-mile electric that outlasted its rider. To get the extra 10 miles, [Andrew] cheated a little, with a backpack full of extra batteries powering his modified Boosted Board, a commercially available electric longboard. But the backpack battery was only a prototype, and now [Andrew] is well on his way to moving those batteries to a custom underslung enclosure on his new “Voyager” board. Eschewing balancing and monitoring circuitry in favor of getting as many batteries on board as possible, [Andrew] managed sixty 18650s in a 10S6P configuration for 37 volts at 21 Ah. He didn’t scrimp on tools, though – a commercial terminal welder connects all the battery contacts. We really like the overall fit and finish and the attention to detail; an O-ring seal on the 3D-printed enclosure is a smart choice.

Voyager isn’t quite roadworthy yet, so we hope we’ll get an update and perhaps a video when [Andrew] goes for another record.

11 thoughts on “Another Electric Longboard Goes The Distance

      1. hmm ”

        “The design goal for this battery pack was to simply cram as much energy storage into a thin box as possible. I opted for a non-balanced, non-monitored and non-protected pack to ensure that as much volume as possible is reserved for the battery cells. The additional requirement is that the pack must be able to source very high currents. This pack as designed can deliver 2500W continuously and can peak near 4kW depending on how long the burst is and how much heat I am willing to tolerate.
        I will likely add a 120A fuse in the remaining cavity, just in case a short occurs.”


      1. Both, long boards and skateboards are skateboards in general by definition, there are so many kinds of skateboards.
        Thing is if you ask a skater, nothing but the skateboard is skateboard, everything else (this shit including) is shit.

        The fun about the skateboard is actually pushing around and doing stuff, this shit is heavy as fuck and not agile at all, not to mention the cost, if my deck runs under a car, fuck it, I’ll get new one its just 30 bucks, but this ? Here goes whole week of work.

        Just stop the reinventing of the wheel, put this shit on a bicycle.

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