Biohacking Lactose Intolerance

Would you pop a homemade pill containing genetically engineered virus particles just so that you can enjoy a pizza? Not many people would, but then again, if you’ve experienced the violent reaction to lactose that some people have, you just might consider it.

Such was the position that [The Thought Emporium] found himself in at age 16, suddenly violently lactose intolerant and in need of a complete diet overhaul. Tired of scanning food labels for telltale signs of milk products and paying the price for the inevitable mistakes, he embarked on a journey of DIY gene therapy to restore his ability to indulge in comfort foods. The longish video below details a lot of that journey; skip to 15:40 if you want to cut to the chase. But if you’re at all interested in the processes of modern molecular biology, make sure you watch the whole thing. The basic idea here is to create an innocuous virus that carries the lac gene, which encodes the enzyme β-galactosidase, or lactase, and use it to infect the cells of his small intestine. There the gene will hopefully be expressed, supplementing the supply of native enzyme, which in most adult humans is no longer expressed at the levels it was when breast milk was our primary food.

Did it work? We won’t ruin the surprise, but in any case, the video is a fascinating look at mammalian cell transfection and other techniques of genetic engineering that are accessible to the biohacker. Still, it takes some guts to modify your own guts, but bear in mind that this is someone who doesn’t mind inserting magnetic implants in his fingers.

Thanks for the heads up on this one, [Hassi].

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  1. Technically all mammals are supposed to be lactose intolerant after they have passed the age of nursing from their mothers. The fact that some of us humans can continue consuming dairy products is a genetic defect in and of itself. It is a genetic defect that primarily affects those of European descent. Many other regions of the world have much higher percentages of the population that is lactose intolerant

          1. Can you post the specific link please You found – especially to a peer reviewed journal entry ?

            Reason is google can and is becoming adaptable as highly specific in terms of its searches
            according to personal search patterns & over long periods. ie The same search string can result in
            widely differing outcomes and nuances re simple issues such as use of quotes adding further

            ie Relying on the phrase “just use google” is far less convergent and as I’ve seen on many forums
            often diverges causing conflict of all sorts. Provenance is the key and that means
            precision re link search outcomes to specific articles ie Basic audit trails…

            Lets hope some dont get misled re “prostrate cancer” as that alone can cause all sorts of
            posturing issues (!) for; patients, victims, medical professionals and those just in for idle
            argument wasting time that cant get a basic handle on convergence re essential details ;-)

  2. Interesting, thanks Dan Maloney,
    For what its worth, I studied Food Science in 2010 at Curtin Uni, Bentley, Western Australia
    with distinction in food chemistry especially re metalloid enzymes of Cu/Zn and variants
    thereof with of course the obligatory microbiology re bacterial variations and testing,
    quite a change from a degree in Electronics decades before & highly recommended :-)

    One aspect I discovered is immune system signalling re milk proteins inducing a generally
    mild allergic type nausea response as if lactose intolerance – not the subject of my paper
    but, further post grad literature reviews.
    It turns out most milk products have a mix of 2 main proteins and others with a mutation
    some 5000 yrs ago in Europe which produced a protein central to causality re the nausea
    like symptoms.
    There is a New Zealand co “A2 Milk” which genetically checks the milking cows so
    they offer A2 milk for sale free of the mutated protein and now in Australia. The product
    is sold nationally and very well received. It seems to lessen effect of some neurological
    symptoms re aging and perhaps MS but, no full experimental studies as yet.

    The point is some who imagine they have lactose intolerance turns out they are
    merely sensitive to the mutated protein and unaffected by the earlier protein we humans
    adapted to for millennia along with the various cheeses as well…

    My doctor’s receptionist assumed she was lactose intolerant. I suggested she
    try A2 milk and the result is thats the only one she can drink without nausea or any other
    negative effects.
    I brought this to the attention of the school of public health at Curtin University and in
    2011 they subsequently began a trial of A2 re this issue and others and independently
    have confirmed the main aspects of earlier research by the A2 Milk co.

    A2 milk costs about twice as much per litre and for those who don’t have nausea
    or any immune reactions to either proteins do generally report general health improvements
    when only ingesting A2 milk as there appear to be various reactions “under the radar”
    so to speak to the normal protein mix.

    There seems to be anecdotal evidence lactose may have similar effects as fructose re
    mineral depletion in the brains of humans as well as also tickling the receptor as cocaine
    does but, fortunately the amount of lactose in most foods is far smaller. Not a good idea
    to overload foods with fructose as humans not well adapted at all to more than about 500mg
    per day – the general effects are lowering IQ, exacerbating other allergy responses and
    causing liver dysfunction in various ways though difficult to diagnose re causal trails.

    All interesting stuff, nice to see a post re lactose here of all places, thanks again :-)

      1. Indeed William Struve & yet another reason we should cut down any and all refined sugar where
        possible as it bypasses body’s normal cleaving of starches into sugars which could well reduce that
        efficiency if its not as often exercised ie Biochemical pathways can lose various levels of cohesion
        in respect of declining functionality Eg the support mechanisms also then decline as cascade
        probability increases.

        The adage “use it or lose it” is generally applicable here though there are exceptions and
        one of those is the oddity re sugar metabolisation signalling the most important re diebetes
        the Zinc Hexamer disassociation, its triggering and consequential factors.

        Hence the value of conjunctive and combative equilibria re metalloid enzymatic interactions
        advancing and retarding all sorts of processes. Immense complexity under our very noses :-)

        1. We have just scratched the surface of biological/biochemical complexity!! Orders of magnitude more complex than self-modifying computer code. The only well-controlled diet/health observational studies were done on captive populations of folks that were institutionalized. The recent pizza-good, processed meat-bad study covering decades was based on food intake questionnaires taken at 2 year intervals. I guess the pizza did not have pepperoni…

          1. Of course very true William Struve,
            FWIW there’s a vast “permutation space” for life optioned carbon based compounds
            which may be of interest re re contemporary health & beyond of some 10^60 with
            arrangements the factorial of that *at least) etc. We haven’t even started to explore
            trillionths of trillionths of that over the course of so many millennia past or to come.

            A key question then arises as to how to develop effective strategy to explore the best
            existing (survival/health) fit from our history as a species. Analysis of prehistoric
            meals and food sources over long periods and advance/retard genetic lines
            Eg subspecies extinction, deformities etc that offer the start of a plan of sorts – the
            one needs to explore tactics and requires a strong secure management system
            re data-base additions, corrections, patterns.

            The current state of the art in respect of so many potential health benefits seems to
            side-step metalloid enzymes and the combinatorial complexity therein. In my own case
            I’ve explored very wide dynamic range of many GRAS classed supplements which have
            some tangible connection with our prehistoric times as well as famine/feast cycles.
            There are many oddities in this field which appear at first as counter intuitive despite being
            substantive as causal to why we have approx 100 Zn and 150 Cu based enzymes at the
            least which cover so many functions.

            Its so sad there is so very much intellectual talent just plain wasted globally in mindless
            pursuits from bending over 5 times per day in “worship” to some god that irrefutable fails
            basic communications to military, robotic employments, chasing capital in commerce etc
            which either increase conflict or maintain illusory comfort zones that hold back so much
            potential – we miss so many opportunities.
            In an obverse sense nature seems to do this on purpose from the tenuous as above or
            the practical Eg average human female born with a million eggs most by far will never
            develop. Such paradigm repeated so often so not surprising the same waste happily
            occurs as a foundation to the more nebulous intellectual undeveloped mentalism to come…

            Cest la Vie

        2. For the most part, zinc hexamer disassociation of insulin is primarily an equilibrium reaction driven by concentration. (Source: or one of the articles it references. I can’t remember exactly which one and I don’t have access to my IEEE order history) and isn’t really signaled in any way.

          For the most part, at typical in-body concentrations the equilibrium is pretty highly in favor of monomers or dimers, it’s only at the concentrations of subcutaneously injectable insulin that hexamers start becoming a problem that affects insulin absorption rates. Henc the existence of Humalog/Novolog and other insulins crafted to prevent hexamer formation.

          1. Interesting stuff, thanks Andy Dodd re artificial pancreas,
            Though your 1st sentence predicated on an ideal mineral homeostatic level, almost
            impossible to achieve naturally on contemporary western diet and also mostly sporadic
            on non-western diet with some might say far greater dynamic range re food availability
            and in terms of rice (non-western mostly) the problem is rice proclivity to absorb Arsenic.

            My original pursuit of Zinc Hexamers circa 2010 was in relation to Insulin
            storage/degradation re the influence of less than ideal levels of Ca, Cu & Mg re its
            mobility mostly (and with many other factors) and re enzymatic intermediate species
            during re-generation or rather re-association etc
            My comment re signalling was in respect of immune functions of which there are many
            not necessarily or explicitly re any singular pathway re Hexamer dissociation – in any
            case these are moderated via immense dynamics mainly re Ca, Cu & Mg as I wrote
            of which phosphates add additional complication. ie Most also deficient in phosphates,
            we pee out a heck of a lot…

            There are many problems with assessing this area as so many people are below their
            RDI for one of the most important metalloid enzymes derived from Cu and far below
            an ideal homeostatic level for other metals too. Though for Cu most would be
            lucky to get 300uG/day whilst a desired level is 100uG/Kg body weight/day for verified
            homeostais with bio-availability widely affected by gut bacteria and Magnesium Phosphates
            along of course with antagonism re Mb, Fe & Zn in the same meals or spread over the bowel’s
            cycle of 1 to 3 days. As others correctly observe a huge area and hardly touched upon
            and of course massively complicated re genetics Eg Wilsons, Menkes and partially
            expressed variants within those gross classifications. The long term historical link
            between Alcohol re beer as potable water and Cu & Fe adds yet another arena – sigh !

      2. Correct. Unless desired to be in more than a mild or moderate ketogenic state, glucose sure does help the brain and is required if I understand correctly.

        Another strange fact is that we can view the history of sugar like a dangerous drug and proto-narcotic where sugar trafficking can be considered an older stimulant trafficked with alcohol or at least on the same trade routes in which alcohol was also and in larger consumed amounts alcohol is a depressant. Though after an insulin spike, sugar can be a depressant also. These also trafficked with salt (stimulant unless KCl or even worse litharge/acetate if you’re around the Romans), coffee and tea. to think now days there’s way worse.

        Well, back to ag issues… With the advent of GMO’s and less heirloom varieties of breeds of animals and plants; like humans eating less plants also in some groups, there is the same consideration in regards to the dietary intake of what the animal consumed and resulting metabolomics on up the chain of “omics” with less variety of the people groups optimal food source and potential food source food source for the genomics and epigenomics causing sub-optimal health issues throughout the food chain from mineralomics (oxidation states, polymorphs, etc.) technically on up the chain.

        More reason for more non-invasive home health diagnostics to better measure in quantitative ways effects of inputs on our processes and outputs.

        On the other hand, like the Authors demonstrate… there are ways we can adapt and modify and hack into our biochemistry, molecular/cellular/general biology. A lot of potential to really clarify the facts also… where like some technical programs… there is an aura of bs compounding and concealing the truth of most optimal diagnostics and therapeutics that the general population is losing out on and maybe even the proprietary market also.

      1. Thanks Abstract Monkey (@AbstractMonkey9) good question as Provenance useful.
        Its true many ingest rather more than 0.5g/day and within fruits too, that baseline not
        considered a primary causal factor as fructose in relation to several (natural) organic complexes.

        IIRC That figure was derived circa 2010 re a base measurable level at which the brain begins
        to release minerals at the limit of differential quantitative measurement where the 500mG is
        from an un-moderated food source as refined intake and predicated upon dietary
        non-supplemented intake of Zn & Cu far below accepted RDI and both well below homeostasis
        as well as other complicating factors re low Fe too. IOW a pretty common low level
        diet of those not educated in nutrition etc

        So, assuming a base dietary intake of 2 fruits & 5 veg per week which of course includes
        moderated fructose meaning bound to pulps and minerals already in the food then it was
        assessed that it took an additional intake of 500mg as refined un-moderated fructose intake
        for there to be quantitative measurement re the start of depletion of Zn & Cu and IIRC this
        was sustained for some 6 months – perhaps with significant deviation above 500mg in any
        day to day as the 500mg figure was the average over a 6 month period.

        There are a few references re increasing fructose ingestion and declining cognitive function
        and this is confirmed with WHO studies worldwide not just in USA. This is a growing area
        and especially so as GMO derived fructose is cheaply extracted which suggests it comes
        with occasional DNA snippets, some not conducive to human gut health ie The gene
        inserted into GMO corn in USA might be ballistically transported which causes other
        damage. Ostensibly to main the guts of predatory insects re bacterial damage but,
        human guts not that different. Look for correlation re fructose/GMO ingestion rates
        and increasing human gut degeneracy over last 25 yrs or so…

        My recollection is it gets progressively worse to about 5g per day fructose where effects are
        more noticeable without biochemical tests ie not just via blood/urine tests but also via
        cognitive tests similar to those used to assess dementia. Also IIRC re observational factors
        such as more emotional mood swings such as depressive states and again correlated with
        low average Zn/Cu as well ie If Zn/Cu higher than less likely to have IQ issues arise…

        My paper for Curtin Uni was re Zn & Cu in food and retaining a homeostatic level of both and
        free of genetic factors pointed to increased cognitive function with some anecdotal evidence that
        occasional very high Cu ingestion of the appropriate form with a selection of certain moderators
        offered some spurts of odd ball brilliance (if you like) with a decay/amplification factor. There are
        many other aspects most natural some not, the comparative doses and selection of organic
        complexes as well as dealing with sporadic emesis were central to sustained intake and if
        continued raised risk factors re kidney and liver function as well as angiogenesis if certain
        cancers were present in early form and even if cancers were not, their protein remnants could
        encourage angiogenesis where one would definitely not want arteries to ‘sprout’ :/

        Suffice to say periods of 3 months sustained offered only benefits some cognitive, some
        muscular (targeted angiogenesis) and predicated upon tests for cancer, allergies etc

        Although I can spend a few minutes now and then on forums, I’d need several hours
        to go over the whole collection of reviews of papers I read 2010/1 which related to
        papers of the 10 years prior. I stopped checking specific update reviews circa 2013
        as the asymptotic peak re branches of further research stalled.

        Its been some years since I followed up on this as I’ve moved on to other areas and since I
        am self funded progress is specific to certain lines, avoiding IP risk factors as well as
        side-stepping certain regulatory issues re casual trials – where possible all are classified
        as GRAS – though by necessity some pharmaceutical like compounds absolutely essential
        as secondary aids and under an IP agreement too on non-prescription research basis, cheers.

  3. I am mildly lactose intolerant. I’ve discovered that un-processed ( not homonegized ) milk doesn’t give any symptons. Also in other diary products over processed milk products give unfortunate effects. But organic, cheese, milk, icecream and etc. works fine. In Finland there are brands that are fully lactose free, but semi lactose free gives same effects as homogenized milk products. When I got first symptons, exactly same time dairy industry changed processes to homogenize milk.

    1. I can’t take many types of (mostly yellow) cheese, but oddly enough some brands give no issues and I can drink milk of any kinds too without issues and the same with supermarket mozzarella. I thought it was the animal enzyme they use in cheese to make it firm, but sometimes that correlation doesn’t seem to match.
      It’s annoying though because if I found a brand of pizza that is fine then often after a few years they suddenly change the ingredients and it’s no good anymore. And with big brands I find myself cut off from a generally available resource if that happens. Why do they have to ‘windows10’ these products? Sigh.

    2. Incidentally, homogenization (phew, what a word) of milk is just running it to a grinder of sorts to make the fat globules tiny, so it’s odd that something having the same ingredients would mess you up. I guess it passes through some barrier in your gut when it’s small? Or does the process also alter other molecules as a side-effect? And if it does alter other things do they acknowledge that or is it something they will ‘discover’ in a decade or two?

  4. Is it possible to get a batch from you Dan? I’ve been severely lactose intolerant for many years now and I’d love to experiment with this. I’ve done all kinds of experiments myself, but have been unsuccessful so far.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment/skillset to do it myself or I would :).

    Thanks a million!

    1. At Ali
      Is there real A2 Milk where you live or nearby, a gentle casual test might
      offer some indicative value ?
      Though before dont have any milk products at all for about a week
      so any mutated proteins expunged ie starting with a fresh slate more
      or less and I’d also suggest reduce meats from cattle and increase
      re fish & chickens etc…

  5. He could have gotten rid of all of the bacterial proteins by chromatography using Sepadex G100. This material is normally used to separate proteins based on size, and since the virus is large it will elute first.

  6. Hey there DIY bio people. I have a question with a pretty intense background but I’ll try to make it brief. I have some kind of disease. It is debilitating. I saw many doctors for many years who were all absolutely clueless about what it could be, with a good chunk of them throwing up their hands and assuming it must be in my head, one even going so far as to offer me free samples of anti-depressants. That was when I had insurance. I no longer have insurance. I have almost no money and very little time (as I said, debilitating).

    I could give pages of more background as to my predicament and why DIY is pretty much my only hope but I’ll cut to the chase: When I’m experiencing symptoms, my urine is visibly different. It is all manner of strange colors depending on the particular symptom I’m feeling. One such color is a greenish yellow “ectoplasmic koolaid” color. When I’m feeling ok, my urine is usually crystal clear, sometimes so clear it shimmers like “white diamond”. Any 6-yr old learning what science is for the first time will recognize this as a testable thing that could provide answers. I’ve tried telling doctors about this but they continue to be useless and say things like there is no test that can be done, but most often just change the subject.
    So… what tests can I do to get clues as to what my disease is? Are there labs local to Los Angeles who will do these tests for a random person that isn’t a doctor? I’m certain that if I test my urine while I’m experiencing symptoms, and compare it to a sample from when I’m feeling good, that I will have a smoking gun as to what’s wrong with me. Please help. I’ve been trying to get this done for years and my symptoms keep getting worse.

    1. Sorry to hear of your plight Doctors Suck,
      Unfortunately it does come down to personal responsibility issue and especially
      as most diagnostic systems worldwide are overworked unless one is wealthy.
      ie When the Dr’s are spread too thin we can only help ourselves, physician
      heal thyself should be the mainstay starting at primary school where possible…

      Best start is I’d suggest registering on

      Read up on existing questions re diagnosis methods and the authors that offer
      answers. There are a lot of retired and semi-retired medical people only too
      eager to be detectives as does offer a BNBR moderated format
      and it can be very satisfying for them to pin down and gain qudos…

      From what I understand of your condition and knowing that so many in USA
      where I guess you are as you mention costs are deficient in so many minerals
      nd knowing urine can be indicative of kidney, liver and pancreas ailments and if you
      can read my other posts here and if you have no genetic conditions or major allergies
      I would suggest gently trying a high Copper and Zinc supplement along with an Iodine
      supplement and sticking to it for at least 2 weeks whilst taking notes.

      These are non-prescription fairly cheap and classified GRAS = Generally Recognised As Safe.
      The good thing is these metals are not cumulative, if you have unwelcome side effects they
      will disappear quickly and if they don’t then it points perhaps to a underlying genetic
      condition which then being more pronounced can be easier to track re diagnostic lines of enquiry.

      Though start with as the best least problematic with highest leverage value,

      Good luck, cheers

    2. Start with a general practice physician/family doctor, who may then refer you to an endocrinologist based on the findings. You need a solid baseline physical exam + comprehensive metabolic panel (which will include renal & hepatic)/CBC and probably a hepatitis screen to try & understand what’s out of balance.

      Have these tests been performed in the past? Do you have a copy of your medical records? These records are yours, and you are legally entitled to a copy of this information, upon request. Get your hands on them, and look for outliers.

      1. This is how every visit with a GP went: I explain symptoms. They say “sounds like diabetes”. I say yes, superficially, but there’s a lot more to it than that, and also, the previous doctors all said it definitely isn’t. Doctor orders standard tests- urine and blood CMP. I come back to take the test after 12 hrs fasting like ordered. Come back to get results. Results: Normal ranges for everything. Doctor states with 100.000% certainty that it isn’t diabetes. I say OK so what is it. Doctor shrugs, offers that it might be depression, or one said, and this kinda made me laugh even though it’s really not funny: “might be fibromyalgya but I don’t think that’s a real disease. The broads come in here complaining of that all the time ‘ohhh my fibromyalgia!'” Then the doctor orders that I should eat right and exercise and see if things improve (without being able to point out a single thing I should change about my diet or exercise routine as described). In other words, always 100% useless.

        If I can just find out the name of the test to order from a lab to test the contents of my urine, and get a lab to actually do it without a doctor ID number/contract/etc. then I’m set. That’s all I need and it shouldn’t be such a hard thing to get.

        1. Id also suggest get a Siemens Multistix 10 SG urine self test kit and keep records.

          ie In your situation do it each time you need to pee more than a small amount,
          the test is cheap, portable, keep some stixs in a small plastic bag in your wallet too.

          It just a piece of paper with active regions you pee on, and with practice its only a
          minor admin matter to keep track.
          I’d also recommend take a photo of each one then sequence them in a collage
          so you can see cycles of colour changes, make notes underneath each one as
          to what you have eaten and allowing for biodome lag could well point to some
          dietary causal factor re allergies, even a weird parasite too !

          That might also indicate if some extraneous issue is at play such as unintentional
          poisoning or worse someone adding some heavy metals to your diet, the one which
          is the easiest to hide is small amounts of tiny gold particles spread over time – causes
          all sorts of weirdness. If you eat a lot of rice check for Arsenic as “rice loves arsenic”
          depending where its grown…
          Sherlock Holmes method of detective enquiry re probables & elimination works wonders,

          good luck, cheers

          1. Mike Massen: Great information.

            Also, thanks for the reminder on gold.

            I recall reading about when researching oligiodynamic effects ( ) for silver main stream use in health and vaccines where I was a little nervous about some colloidal gold companies products they were marketing and feel most of the metals can be poisonous at lower dosages as I’ve worked in foundries and operators usually need to be tested to make sure their level’s aren’t so high, say with a nutrient one wouldn’t think causes adverse health issues like zinc.

            Interesting how lambs can’t have copper.

            I think silver is safer than gold confidently, though may have issues associated with larger dosage amounts also other than turning blue. Strange the lack of details relating to gold. Any thoughts or references?

            Regarding pH and chelating agents… I wonder sometimes also the oxidation state and forms of the minerals like more risky metals dangerous polymorph(s) in our body. Say a precipitated versus ionized or ionized in say like with chromium a hexavalent or non trivalent state versus the more healthy trivalent state.

            Terminal versus non-terminal forms can cause issues and makes bound versus free form testing a need also IMHO.

            Finally, I have heard iron even can cause issues and be used as a poison… especially on males.

            I am confident chelation therapies can be brought to the main stream or at least more detailed interaction clarification for the laymen hacker, DIY’er.

            I’m guessing you get the same mining/farming communities experience with adverse issues also?

        2. Try an N.D. that is a licensed M.D./D.O. also… though there are certificate N.D.’s that are knowledgeable though not going to have the thorough accredited University background an ability usually to perform more detailed enzyme and mineral, vitamin and other diagnostic testing that can be correlated with genetic testing.

          Like Mike Massen notes, I can add that soils are depleted of iodine for sure say in Michigan and most likely of other minerals. These mineral like he note are used by the body directly or with some pro-biotics to synthesize vitamins and enzymes on up the “bio-omic” systems. Some suggest there are GMO’s that thrive in high Aluminum or other wasteful more dangerous/deadly heavy metals where if the pH is off… the plant will absorb more or designed potentially so when the pH of the soil is optimal for other nutrients… the heavy metals can still be absorbed similar to thriving in high biocide environment and potentially absorbing more and also just being able to grow in not as nutrient rich soils and there-fore not being so nutrient dense.

          I find strange the testing requirements for agriculture products that are raw materials being so annual or maybe on a more frequent periodic basis. I implemented rapid non-destructive ID methods, so maybe I expect others to do more as Karl Norris was advocating. The zNose may be an even better more broad method to test coupled with ICP methods for metallic and organometallic… thought the zNose may be capable of covering… I never got around to verifying like with ICP which elements can and can’t be tested with compendium limits specifications range requirements using say MS/AE/OE/

          I’m speculating, still… worth thinking and advocating about regarding investment in research expenditures if not regulatory expenditures to validate manufacturing operations not being unhealthy, unsafe, no way fair and not promoting well being.

  7. Interesting comment on the Reddit post:

    “working in genetic engineering and i must say ohhh booyyy. I love pizza and all but this… is a really nice way to get cancer. AAVs integrate randomly into your genome meaning that they could just by chance disrupt a gene you really need to not get cancer. My main field is DNA repair and there is a good long list of genes you dont want disrupted even on one allel. Cancer is a game of propability and stacking DNA damages over your lifetime, you can be lucky and stack a lot without something happening but you dont have to force your luck like this. Also I know your uncle joe smoked a pack a day till he was 125 years and died skydiving.”

  8. I’ve wondered if some of the historical unsuccessful gene therapies that had tragic results can be more successful if using an anti-histamine/inflammatory to prevent shock. More likely the viral vector wasn’t optimal I’m thinking. Awesome and thanks for sharing!

  9. With all this DIY bio experimentation. It’s only a matter of time before someone unleashes a virulent strain that will truly cause a “zombie apocalypse”. The field is unregulated, unsupervised and a massive train wreck just waiting to happen.

    1. Regulating DIY biohacking or gene sequencing is like regulating home printers – impossible without draconian measures, and a Chinese company somewhere out there will be offering a cheap, basic, hackable version for >$50 that can be smuggled into the country.

  10. I became lactose intolerant after being prescribed a strong antibiotic drug. I was in that state for 20+ years. I then decided to study what probiotic could help. After numerous hours including NIH studies, I found “L. Reuteri” was the probable choice. Then I had to find a product that contained it. I chose Designs For Health ‘Probiotic Synergy’. It worked, I have been ‘fixed’ and only needed the one bottle to do it. I should also say that even though it was successful for me, it has only been 50% successful overall in my friends and associates who have tried the same. Don’t know why. Maybe someone here can shed light on why.

    1. Talk about interesting shiiit. There are fecal transplant methods that are even main stream than one who wasn’t aware of, might not expect… including the results.

      Depends on your thoughts in bio-equivalency since technically may. Typically, from my understanding the fecal pills or enema like procedures are from a more bacterial pro-biotic claim, process and effect.

      Technically, however, from my studies… bacteria and maybe fungus/mycoplasma can be host to viruses and be viral vectors if the donor has the molecular/cellular biology the recipient is requiring or desiring treatment with. I think the fecal transplant is a more crude method however unless there is critical attention to detail of the composition of the donors fecal matter.

      1. Definitely more crude. But also easier, too diy, I’d think. From my understanding, the gut biome is a system unto itself, and any missing bacteria could wreak havoc.

        I wonder what could initially wreak this havoc? Too much alcohol in one night? Or a really bad burrito?…or?

        1. Yeah, I agree. Definitely fecal matter transplanting can be more crude and easier to do.

          Yes, the G.I. tract is said to also be like a secondary “brain” ( where issues like you note from adulteration, to poisoning, to ischemia even can happen to cause issues.

          There seems from what I can educated guess be pH issues, binding like chelation effects potentially replacing with toxic heavy metals, rinsing like I’m not sure if hydrophobic only rinse or either way though I wouldn’t think off hand hydrophilic like water causing issues and narcotics and dangerous drugs, like maybe a stimulation to cleanse the bowels with killing off of the positive homeostasis micro-biome with antibiotics or maybe the opposite a pathogen and depressed bowels, that allows for something adverse infecting causing undesirable changes longer term or even mutations.

    1. At Joshua Lind, please see my reply to the poster Doctors Suck,

      Evidence accruing that high minerals such as Copper, Molybdenum, Iodine
      with some Zinc (but gives the Cu time to displace normal Zinc levels)
      shift gut bacterial equilibrium widely as well as encourage shift in pH cycles

      NB: All bacteria are cannibals and with some 800+ species competing
      makes for intensely complex interactions. Prehistoric exposure
      to high CU, Fe minerals and bioactive compounds in various plants over very
      long periods established the local gut “best fit” if you like and our current
      exposure is far from natural as well as diverse GMO exposure:/
      The good thing is high minerals classed as GRAS are not cumulative
      and if instead of quelling celiac they instead exacerbate then stopping
      intake reverses that experimental cycle fairly quickly.

      From my experience of biotech students who had celiac and eczema
      some years ago it does take a 2 or so weeks for things to settle. This was
      a casual experiment and nothing definitive to state cured but, the
      anecdotal evidence from one Thai uni student who traveled often is:-
      She had mild celiac which got rather worse some 2 weeks after
      being in Perth, Western Australia during which time eczema developed too.
      The 2 weeks or so after returning to Thailand during uni breaks her celiac
      lessened and eczema disappeared – this cycle repeated over the first
      two years. I understand she then changed her diet favouring more imported
      foods from the Asean region and had no more issues… It turns out the
      Thai food in Thailand generally higher in minerals…

      BTW: High Magnesium Phosphate also along with occasional activated carbon
      pills helps but suggest if nothing on first mix then wait 2 weeks before adding
      Mg based supplements.

      Good luck, cheers

  11. I feel if SOP’s are being met and are validated… this custom personalized biotech methodolgy is the future of medicine.

    Big pharma is just a Roman Catholic Jesuit more likely German mine tailings industrial waste… let’s turn this into medicine fiasco that is now corrupting agriculture too.

    Add in ancient dead stuff that is disgusting… then there is the whole additional industry of no way freshly dead decomposed disgust petrochemical sludge refined into pharmaceuticals that isn’t really as regulated in regards to the critical attention to detail with CFR validational requirements as the manufacturers are… at least pre and post manufacturing ops.

    The bio-equivalent medicine is the way to go. I’ve even wondered recently for those on oxygen… if doing a similar genetic modification method for hemoglobin to increase oxygen capacity, like when we are younger, can be effective.

    1. It’s almost impossible to predict what the long term effects will be. There are simply too many variables.

      Having said that, a REAL medical professional I showed this to thinks he won’t have to worry about cancer if he tries some of the ‘alternative therapies’ being promoted on the ‘Quacks Talking Bollocks’ website.

      Shite enemas? Really?

      Even a medical dunce such as myself knows there are dangerous pathogens in human excrement…

      1. …and yet everyone lives in harmony with then everyday. Wait, not everyone…some people are missing these “dangerous pathogens” and have lactose intolerance!

  12. I (think) I read all the comments, why am I the only one to hear some guy say he spent two weeks developing this genetically altered “virus” and think “bunk” to be polite?

    1. It’s hackaday I’m guessing. Some people give a/some shiit I’m guessing literally, others don’t.

      People’s definition of polite varies between different culture, time available and reaction and stuff.

      He knew that also because he didn’t purify the genetic engineered virus to be higher grade purity with a tittered dosing when taking and some sort of specification testing to verify efficacy maybe? Maybe he could have calculated yield also?

      He did perform a theoretical product risk somehow I’m not exactly sure of the details.

      What are your thoughts?

  13. Searching online is interesting the work BioViva is doing and I am sure there methods can be hacked out also once the details of the diagnostics tests, manufacturing methods and test methods are identified and documented in qualitative and quantitative ways. There are crude routes also… some just use pinches and handfuls when they cook. Others use syringe graded devices as basters and measure more critically with measuring devices.

    I’d say a laminar flow hood and understanding microbiology cleaning methods and use of sterile equipment is critical with the lab culturing methods to prevent funcky fermentation methods that were not desired. Issues can even occur when brewing or fermenting wine when not critical. Kind of like… don’t drink the water in some places in the World. We didn’t develop the immunity/antibodies to the local fecal matter disgust that can ferment and colonize on our cells surface and potentially move their way in deeper and cause undesirable mutations.

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