Iron Man Mask With A HUD!

At some point, a child will inevitably dream of being a superhero. Not all children get the chance to see that dream made manifest, but a few take that destiny into their own hands. Redditor [Lord_of_Bone] — seizing at that goal — has built himself an Iron Man mask with an integrated HUD!

Relying on a conceptually similar project he’d previously built, much of the code was rehashed for this ‘Mark II’ version. Pieces of a smartphone holo pyramid act as projection surfaces — using a lens to focus the image to be viewed at such close distances — and a pair of OLED screens displaying the information. It’s a happy bonus that the lack of backlight results in only the text showing in the user’s field of view.

Instead of speaking with J.A.R.V.I.S., [Lord_of_Bone] is using a Raspberry Pi Zero W as the mask’s brain. Working past some I2C troubles between the OLED screens and an Enviro pHat required a whipped-up veroboard and a bit of hardware hacking. Cramming everything into the mask was no easy task — using Blutack and Sugru to bind them in the limited space — but the pHat had to be surface-mounted in the open anyways for atmospheric and light data.

Right now, the mask displays RGB light values and levels, temperature, pressure, x-y-z velocities, and degrees to north. Future plans include adding a brighter OLED, as high light levels wash out the display, and more data types — like WiFi information, or his combination range finder and ammo counter.


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    1. That’s why lenses are used to focus the image at infinity, just like the eyepiece lenses in a Viewmaster or set of VR goggles.
      This way the whole thing can be much shorter and the user is able to see both the display and the outside world at the same time.

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