Artistic Images Made With Water Lens

It’s said that beauty and art can be found anywhere, as long as you look for it. The latest art project from [dmitry] both looks in unassuming places for that beauty, and projects what it sees for everyone to view. Like most of his projects, it’s able to produce its artwork in a very unconventional way. This particular project uses water as a lens, and by heating and cooling the water it produces a changing image.

The art installation uses a Peltier cooler to periodically freeze the water that’s being used as a lens. When light is projected through the frozen water onto a screen, the heat from the light melts the water and changes the projected image. The machine uses an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi in order to control the Peliter cooler and move the lens on top of the cooler to be frozen. Once frozen, it’s moved again into the path of the light in order to show an image through the lens.

[dmitry] intended the project to be a take on the cyclical nature of a substance from one state to another, and this is a very creative and interesting way of going about it. Of course, [dmitry]’s work always exhibits the same high build quality and interesting perspective, like his recent project which created music from the core samples of the deepest hole ever drilled.

15 thoughts on “Artistic Images Made With Water Lens

      1. A term that applies to everything applies to nothing, because a distinction is not being made. Therefore the concept is empty and there is no “good art” either. The expression “good art” parses out to “good”, and the question becomes “Is it good?”.

        So; is it good?


    1. I always liked this one definition of art: that it’s a craft with no utilitarian purpose, yet people want it and need it anyway. For example music has no obvious purpose, but everyone wants it in their lives regardless. I always found that interesting.

  1. Cool, I know someone who has substantive Grounds in this area with lenses and microscopy who might be Elevated to pursue artistic creations along these lines and have such devices on public display in their business as well to attract attention ;-)

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