Watch This LEGO Pantograph Carve Chocolate Messages

[Matthias Wandel] is best known for his deeply interesting woodworking projects, so you might be forgiven for not expecting this lovely chocolate-engraving pantograph made from LEGO. With it, he carves a delightful valentine’s message into a square of chocolate, but doesn’t stop there. He goes the extra mile to cut the chocolate carefully into a heart, and a quick hit with a heat gun takes the rough edges off for a crisp and polished end result.

The cutting end is a small blade stuck inside a LEGO piece, but that’s the only non-LEGO part in the whole assembly. A key to getting a good carve was to cool the chocolate before engraving, and you can see the whole process in the video embedded below.

LEGO makes for great prototyping, and when it’s time to tidy up, just turn on the self-vacuuming LEGO box for a painless cleanup. Sorting the pieces may be another matter, but the good news is that a bit of DIY has solved that problem, too!

5 thoughts on “Watch This LEGO Pantograph Carve Chocolate Messages

    1. Uggh! Forgot, can’t use tag characters

      She says – aww, you even carved it into the shape of a heart, how sweet
      She thinks – every bit cut away is less chocolaty goodness for me
      He thinks – (not much, he is just enjoying the chocolate taste still in his mouth having recently eaten the leftovers)

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