Keezer Controller Keeps The Kegs Pouring

It’s always a good idea to keep a few brews in the fridge ready to go, but being able to offer your guests a fresh-poured draught beer is another step above. It’s not trivial, but with a few kegs, a freezer and the right CO2 parts, it’s achievable for the average hacker. [Ben Brooks] had a keezer (keg freezer) setup that had been doing the job quite well, but wanted to take things up a notch.

Wishing to know when it was time to start brewing more beer, [Ben] needed a way to measure how much was left in the individual kegs. Opting to weigh them, initial experiments with a hand-made capacitive sensor failed when moisture in the freezer began to ruin the sensor’s performance. Switching to a strain-gauge based setup enabled more accurate readings to be taken with no drift over time. Solenoids were added to enable the taps to be shutdown outside of beer o’clock, and a Particle Photon and Raspberry Pi were put to work to give the whole project a slick web interface. There’s even a monitor to show guests what’s on tap!

It’s a tidy improvement to a home keg setup, and ensures [Ben]’s guests won’t be left thirsty in the middle of a party. We’ve seen other instrumented beer rigs before, too. If you’re working on your own homebrewing masterpiece, be sure to drop us a line.

6 thoughts on “Keezer Controller Keeps The Kegs Pouring

      1. Ben NICE JOB!! I’d love to know the parts you used for this setup. I’m not looking to add shut off solenoids but it’s a nice touch. The strain gauge for keg weight/volume is the most interesting part. A keezer is a future step from the sanyo kegger. Cheers!!

  1. And I thought my keezer was nerdy when I used a Smart things multipurpose sensor to track temperatures and detect of it’s been opened along with a z-wave power monitor to track the duty cycle of the freezer and to alert me if it’s stopped working…. This setup takes it to a new level. The one party trick I like with my setup is “Hey Google, what’s my beer temperature.” “Your beer is 34 degrees.”

    1. Very cool! I actually set mine up some time ago to allow me to turn it on/off via the Google Assistant, but to be honest you just reminded me. Clearly I don’t use it very often!

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