6 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Haptics For A Better VR Experience

  1. There was a lot of activity in the area of haptics at ACM SIGGRAPH conferences many years ago, but then the interest seemed to have diminished, until recently when it once again seems to be a topic of discussion and actual devices. Yet, much of the current activity seems to be limited to just being able to convey the impression of touch, but not actually concentrating on the type of touch. For example, it would feel quite different if you were to pet the fur of a kitten than if you were to pet the quills of a porcupine. Texture is a function of haptics that needs much more emphasis.

  2. So.. basically that whole video was to say that they’re trying to make better looking packages to place a bunch of haptic motors on your body. Cool, I guess.. but still these are still buzzers. It’s too bad she didn’t speak to the actual feel of such a system. Are these applied in a manner that tricks our system into feeling the sensation of pressure or motion?

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