A Walking Robot With A Single Servo

We’ve all been there — you see somebody do something cool on YouTube and you just have to give it a go. For [lonesoulsurfer], the drop-everything-and-build happened to be a little four-legged walker robot that runs on a single servo. Though it may be simple, there really is nothing like seeing a robot you created take its first steps.

[lonesoulsurfer]’s walker is made mostly from scrap aluminium and other scavenged parts like coat hangers, paper clips and the metal bits and bobs from banana jacks. The Dremeled and bent body would likely be the hardest to imitate for a first-time builder, but any sturdy chassis that allows for things screwed and bolted to it should work. Also, don’t expect it to work right away. It will take a bit of tuning to get the gait right, but it’s all part of the fun. So is modifying a 180° servo for continuous rotation.

We really like the way this robot walks — it saunters around like a long bulldog and looks like it can handle almost any terrain. Watch it walk after the break, and stick around for the build video.

There’s just something about simple robots without microcontrollers. If you’ve never heard of BEAM robots, cut your teeth on this ‘bot with circular legs.

13 thoughts on “A Walking Robot With A Single Servo

  1. Pedants and haters unite! This seems to be the post for you today. Just a shame you can’t all be rounded up and mass-ignored.

    Personally I enjoyed the video and like the project. Creating something from scratch from coat hangers and other scrap appeals to me.

    1. That is hackaday’s commenter crowd in a nutshell. It has been for years. Every article is met with comments about how bad the design is, and how wrong the designer is. Constructive criticism is great, but the audience here isn’t constructive about it. They just come across as the Simpson’s Comic Book Guy.

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