An Attempt At 3D Printing A Hybrid Rocket Engine

Liquid fuelled engines are throttleable and monstrously powerful, but highly complex. Meanwhile, solid rocket engines are simple and cheap, but once you light them, they’re going full-bore until burnout. Hybrid rocket engines offer perks from both worlds, with simple solid fuel and the ability to throttle down by regulating oxidizer flow. Naturally, [Integza] decided he should try and 3D print one.

The build came about somewhat by accident, as the 3D printed casing of one of [Integza’s] liquid-fuelled rockets continued burning once the fuel was turned off. This prompted the realization that he could 3D print rocket fuel, and simply supply oxygen, creating a hybrid rocket. Thus ensued much experimentation, going so far as to create custom sugar-loaded resin for more power and experimenting with ABS as a potential fuel.

Most of the rockets self-destructed within a few seconds and thrust was minimal, but the basic concept should be a goer. As always, [Integza] is struggling with the thermal limitations of plastics, but we fully expect he’ll one day get to a flight ready engine. His previous experiments show he certainly doesn’t give up. Video after the break.

6 thoughts on “An Attempt At 3D Printing A Hybrid Rocket Engine

  1. The most fascinating thing to me about his work is that he does burning flaming rocketing experiments in an attic! I’m no safety warrior but I confess I find myself looking for the fire extinguisher. (And his presentation is pretty cool.)

  2. I very much like Integza’s videos, that’s why I subscribe to him on YouTube, but if you guys are going to post every one of his videos as an article, maybe you need to make a new system where people can go check the recommended YouTube channels without them showing up in the news feed all the time. The first few times didn’t bother me, and I even speak out against all the complaining about YouTube videos, because good news is found where it’s found, but I feel this is a little different at this point.

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