Hackaday Podcast 128: 3D-Printing Injection Molds, Squiggly Audio Tape, Curvy Mirrors, And Space Cadets

Hackaday editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys bubble sort the best hardware hacks so you don’t miss ’em. This week we’re smitten by the perfection of a telephone tape loop message announcer. We enjoyed seeing Blender’s ray tracing to design mirrors, and a webcam and computer monitor to stand in for triple-projector-based fractal fun. There’s a bit of injection molding, some Nintendo Switch disassembling, and the Internet on a calculator. We close the show with a pair of Space stories, including the happy news this week that Wally Funk finally made it there!

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Direct download (60 MB or so.)

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Episode 128 Show Notes:

What’s that Sound?

  • That sound was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • [Big Mike Cupka] was randomly drawn from more than 30 correct responses and wins the shirt!
  • This week’s random numbers generated by a reverse-biased 2N3904.  (Scroll all the way down for the circuit. Mine’s capacitively decoupled at the output.)

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