Minty Tunes Is Wireless Audio In An Altoids Tin

These days, a lot of phones don’t have audio jacks anymore. It can make it hard to listen to music if your favorite headphones aren’t already wireless-enabled. Minty Tunes solves that problem, combined with a little Altoids tin flair.

Yes, the long and the short of it is that this is a Bluetooth audio receiver built into a tin of mints. The build is relatively simple, hooking up a cheap Bluetooth audio decoder module to a lithium-polymer battery. This is paired with a TP4056 battery charger IC to allow the battery to be topped off easily. It’s all then wired up and stuck in everyone’s favorite hacker electronics enclosure.

For those who aren’t fans of wireless earbuds like AirPods and the like, it’s a useful solution for listening to music from a smartphone. As the builder notes, it’s also a great way to play music over a hi-fi or car stereo with an aux port. Alternatively, you could always build your own pocket MP3 player from scratch. Video after the break.

15 thoughts on “Minty Tunes Is Wireless Audio In An Altoids Tin

    1. Yes. It seems like putting it in a Faraday cage is counterproductive.

      Beyond that, you don’t make sense. Bt 5.0 adds absolutely nothing to Bluetooth’s audio capabilities over 4.x. And good luck distinguishing 256kbps AAC over bluetooth from a wired connection playing back the CD quality source, provided that Bt interference isn’t causing stuttering or dropouts. Even SBC is better than most people give it credit for.

      1. That can drastically change when the paint wears off.
        But I was quite surprised about a Raspberry Pi with WiFi in a closed anodized aluminium heat-sink case. It had unexpectedly good reception. There are two slots of a few cm length for ribbon cables. Perhaps these are enough for the signal to penetrate.

  1. I don’t care that it is kinda silly to put an RF device basically in a faraday cage, I LOVE THIS PROJECT.

    A headphone amp in an altoid’s tin was my first ‘useful real product’ project I ever did as a youngin. I was always so proud to show it off on the bus (especially if I had stole my brother’s minidisk player to use with it). I never use headphones anymore, but might recreate the project in this post just for a bit of nostalgia, haha.

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