Very Fancy Nail Is Actually A Secret Jewlery Stash

Typically, nails are purpose-built things made to hold bits of wood together, with their entire design focused on that purpose. However, [W&M Levsha] went in much the other direction, crafting one very fancy expensive nail in what we can only explain as a masterful demonstration of their skills.

The build starts with a piece of brass tube, which is engraved with a delicate pattern on an automated lathe. After clean up, the spiralling lines are attractive on the polished brass.A plug is then made for the end of the tube, which gets filed into a point to resemble a nail, hiding the seam between the plug and the tube.

The tube is then threaded to accept a nail head that screws into the top, allowing the “nail” to act as a fancy little stash, which [W&M Levsha] shows off by placing a bracelet inside. The project is finished by crafting a stunning wooden box to hold the fancy nail.

We’ve seen [W&M Levsha]’s handywork before; the cap-gun cigarette lighter was a similarly impressive feat of machining and craftsmanship. Video after the break.

10 thoughts on “Very Fancy Nail Is Actually A Secret Jewlery Stash

    1. Don’t bother. Bananas are no good for this, they vary in size too much. Every time I put my banana next to my projects people way underestimate the size of the project. It looks too small in comparison to the banana. I guess I just have a larger banana then those other makers.

  1. One is beginning to think that misspelled words in the HaD headlines lately is clickbait. I clicked here only to see if anyone felt compelled to point it out.

    I mean sure, it’s squarely on the editor’s head, but wouldn’t a spell checker catch this?

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