Know Which Way The Wind Blows, Whether Weather Boosts Your Mood


As a quantified-self experiment, [Ayan] has tracked several daily habits and moods for a couple of years and discovered some insights. Too much coffee is followed by anxiety while listening to music leads to feelings of motivation and happiness. There was a strong correlation in the data, but [Ayan] wondered if external factors like the weather and air quality also played a role.

To find out, [Ayan] extended the custom dashboard built in with weather data and some local sensors. Working at (yes, the makers of the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi SD card flashing tool, Etcher), [Ayan] turned to balenaCloud to translate the data from (you guessed it) a Raspberry Pi into the dashboard via Notion’s API beta. We think Notion holds a lot of promise for all sorts of web-based dashboards as a research notebook and organizational tool. Who knows where the API will lead any interested readers?

Check out the full tutorial where [Ayan] walks you through the hardware used and each step to connect the APIs that bring it all together. [Ayan] plans to add a coffee-maker integration to automate that data entry and would welcome help getting a manual trigger set up for the data integrations.

4 thoughts on “Know Which Way The Wind Blows, Whether Weather Boosts Your Mood

  1. There are brain wave changes detectable before we are conscious of our own decisions, the exact temporal range of these associated wave states is not known but it does suggest some interesting possibilities such as that we listen to motivating music because we intend to be more active in the near future. My point being that you can collect all of the data you like but how do you differentiate between causation and correlation?

    1. Great comment!
      This is something I frequently ask myself regarding my wellbeing.
      Do I exercise more because I feel good, or do I feel good because I exercise?
      Does the weather make me grumpy, or am I grumpy and thus dislike the weather?

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