Pi Pico Provides Practical PlayStation Pointing

It’s not immediately clear to us why one would need a mouse for the original PlayStation (though we’re sure there’s no shortage of folks eager to jump down into the comments and tell us), but if you ever desire adding improved pointing capabilities to the nearly three decade old console, this project from [Vojtěch Salajka] is certainly one to keep an eye on.

The aptly named “USB to PlayStation Mouse” project does exactly what it sounds like — adapts a generic USB mouse into an input device for Sony’s classic console. Putting one together requires a Raspberry Pi Pico, a 5 V DC-DC USB boost module with female USB-A connector, and a sacrificial controller or peripheral to provide the cable and proprietary connector.

With the hardware assembled per the simple wiring diagram, you just plug the Pico into your computer and copy over the firmware file. [Vojtěch] notes that you’ll need to unplug the mouse before attempting to upload the firmware, presumably because the data pins on the two USB ports have been tied together.

Don’t worry about having to find some obscure title to try out your new peripheral either, [Vojtěch] says the mouse works in the system’s main menu if you boot it without a disc in the drive. Now all you need is a few Raspberry Pi Pico PlayStation Memory Cards to complete the whole set.

13 thoughts on “Pi Pico Provides Practical PlayStation Pointing

  1. I’ve got an original playstation mouse. It’s the same grey colour as the console-similar to an Amiga tank mouse shape. I think it came bundled with a game called AIV Evolution Global

  2. “and a sacrificial controller or peripheral to provide the cable and proprietary connector.”

    Or just use extension cable for PSX/PS2? I’ve seen them for as little as $2 each shipped in bulk quantity

  3. There is an adapter that makes a wii controller show up as a usb mouse. The Wikipedia page shows a lot of light gun games that are comparable with the psx mouse, so this adapter could be used to play those games on a modern tv with a wii mote light gun

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