10 thoughts on “Haptic Baby Monitor Gets The Wearer’s Attention

    1. Yes I would definitely trust a real product more than my hack! Definitely more of an experiment than anything. However, I did look to see what was already on the market before I started and was surprised at how few of them are out there. This one did not even pop up! It appears to be discontinued.

      But now I want to go digging and see if it failed because the concept is actually a bad one lol

      1. as a parent i went on and purchased all sort of monitors. sound, infrared, sensors, you name it. by the half of the year mark only one of them was still on – the summer one. The best thing about it is that unlike the standard monitors you do not have to look at it. strap it on your hand and do the vacuuming – for all you know if the baby wakes up you will feel it.

        the main downside as far as i remember is that you have to remember to place it back on the station to recharge as the battery will not last for very long – i suspect that may have had something to do with it going off the market.
        either that or it was too cheap and people assumed cheap = bad. to be honest my initial purchase was only because i was intrigued by the idea AND it was incredibly cheap.

  1. The sound of a baby crying anywhere has always been like somebody sending bursts of electricity through my head. Quite a while ago I read an article that said males tend to be much more affected by the sound, supposedly due to it being an alarm signal from our ancient history. Not sure if that is true or not, but it does seem to me that men react more irritably to that crying than women do, and I don’t believe that’s necessarily due to women being more used to it.

    1. As I understand it, mothers are more attuned to the cry of _their_ baby/child.
      I am not saying it is something other than what is gained from experience.
      I have experienced it often in a room with maybe 20 or more children playing and several dozen adults in conversation. One child screams in protest or pain, followed by a brief silence of the adults. In that moment, one mother recognized that it is her child and the rest of rest of the mothers resume their conversations.

  2. My kiddos are within tangible reach of graduating high school at this point, but I”ve earned my stripes with 4 kids.
    If there is little or nothing out there, keep the project alive! There are plenty of deaf people out there who could use this kind of help. If you haven’t seen it, check out the excellent (tho fictional) movie CODA (Child of Deaf Adults).
    Also, as you stated, there are many who are hard to wake… More and more are finding themselves in a single parent household – and that means sheer exhaustion. Also, more and more people are being diagnosed with issues such as sleep apnea. It’s no fun being all kitted out and wondering if you’ve heard something!
    Even with two parents & 1 child, there is no reason for BOTH parents to be woken… Or maybe one needs to go to the office and the other takes care of the baby at night. So many scenarios.
    Also, there are a lot of watches with “haptic feedback” used for all different reasons. I wear a watch with haptic feedback so i can get up without waking the Mrs – who does not take kindly to being woken up before HER alarm goes off! 😜. Happy wife, happy life! In all seriousness though, my wife works the graveyard shift and i don’t.
    So, lots of reasons why people use haptic feedback!

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