Hackaday Podcast 220: Transparent Ice, Fake Aliens, And Bendy Breadboards

You can join Elliot and Al as they get together to talk about their favorite hacks of the week. There’s news about current contests, fake alien messages, flexible breadboards, hoverboards, low-tech home automation, and even radioactive batteries that could be a device’s best friend.

We have a winner in the What’s that Sound competition last week, which was, apparently, a tough one. You’ll also hear about IC fabrication, FPGAs, and core memory. Lots to talk about, including core memory, hoverboards, and vacuum tubes.

Check out the links below if you want to follow along, and as always, tell us what you think about this episode in the comments!

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Episode 220 Show Notes:


What’s that Sound?

  • Congratulations to this week’s winner, [Zach]! The sound was a trip hammer.

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

Quick Hacks:

Can’t-Miss Articles:

7 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 220: Transparent Ice, Fake Aliens, And Bendy Breadboards

    1. Then if you’re out of cash, you’ll tunnel into the bank (via ssh), fill your pockets up to your heart desire and close the tunnel. With the leftover change send a thank you card to the bank.

  1. In the event Al is unaware of it: the “Send more Chuck Berry” comment in the original article on the simulated alien message is a reference to a very early SNL “Weekend Update” item about the Voyager golden record, which included “Johnny B. Goode”. Apparently this was controversial back then.

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