What Time Is It? Infinity Time

Since the dawn of the infinity craze, we’ve seen all kinds of projects — mirrors, smart mirrors, coffee tables, clocks, you name it. Unfortunately all of these cool projects sit at home, unappreciated by the public. Well, not anymore. [nolandoktor] is taking infinity to the streets with this beautiful and functional vortex watch.

Though this project is pretty darned advanced, it’s all open source and completely within reach for anyone who has the tools and the time. The watch is based around an ATmega32u4 and uses a DS3231 real-time clock to keep accurate time on the WS2812 LEDs that represent the numbers. The time is displayed using R, G, and B assigned to hour, minute, and second. Actually reading the time is bit tricky until you understand how the colors work together, but something this lovely deserves to maintain a slight air of mystery.

The watch’s case parts are all printed — metal for the bezel, and SLA for the white inner ring that lets a bit of light leak out the side in order to illuminate the USB port and the two stainless steel screws that act as touch contacts. In the future, [nolandoktor] wants to add flashlight mode that turns all the LEDs white, some gaskets to resist water, and wake-on-gesture functionality with an IMU. Take a second to check out the demo after the break.

If you prefer a more traditional timepiece of infinite interest, this clock moves more mundanely, but still looks cool.

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