Ask a winner updates: Answers

Not too long ago we asked our readers what they would like to hear about from the PUSH N900 winners and their hacks. We got some silly questions, and some serious, we asked both and now the PUSH teams have answered.

Todays team interview is KAPing with the N900. They’re N900 hack is the high flying Kite Aerial Photography. Check out what they have to say after the break. And be sure to keep up on their blog – they’ve released their first test video just a few days ago. Continue reading “Ask a winner updates: Answers”

Contest: win Push Showcase tickets

Who is ready to win some tickets to the PUSH N900 Showcase?

The showcase is an event where all 5 teams from the Push N900 competition are going meet up in London and present their N900 hacks. Including N900s that fly, skate, Etch a Sketch(TM), and more. We also hear there is going to be a poll-dancing robot thanks to [Giles Walker]. We were given tickets to the event, and decided to pass them along to our readers.

How can you gain a pair of tickets to this magical showcase? Check out after the break – hope you know a thing or two about resistors.

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Ask a winner…


We’ve been given the honor of interviewing each team from the Nokia N900 PUSH competition one on one. However, rather than be selfish, we thought it would be fun and informative if the readers got to ask the teams some questions too.

Just post your question in a comment and we will be sure to ask.

Avoid the basics, like “what was your inspiration” – don’t worry, we’ve got those covered. But maybe you have that dieing question of “Haptic Guide: What kind of battery life do you expect with 9 or more motors constantly spinning, surly we wont be wearing Lead Acid around will we?”

Nokia PUSH competition update

A couple of readers weren’t too thrilled when the winners were announced a while back for the Nokia N900 competition. And to be honest, we even wondered on some ideas (like what does skateboarding have to do with hacking?) However, The teams have been hard at work and a picture video is starting to form for each. Check after the break for some video recaps.

[Thanks Matt]
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PUSH competition winners


Nokia team PUSH is proud to announce they have winners from the contest they held over the past two months. You may remember when we first told you about the competition, but here’s a recap. All you had to do was think of a good hack for the Nokia N900! Winners will receive funding and other resources to make their hack come alive. What possible hacks made the cut?

Haptastic – A compass and map? Not any more with this wearable guide that can lead the way.

KAPingwiththeN900 – Flying high with this aerial photography project

– Bring light graffiti to the N900

Rocket Pocket – Just Bonkers! An N900 in orbit, we love it!

SolderinSkaters – Tony Hawk who? It’s all about Solderin Skaters!

Nokia PUSH competition


With the upcoming release of a Cortex-A8 based handset, Nokia is looking at gaining some popularity with the hacker crowd through their new project/competition. If you can think of a good hack for the Maemo-running Nokia N900, you could win a vague prize pack consisting of the device itself, plus support (including financial) to make your idea a reality. The website states that winning hacks will be toured around the world. The due date for submissions is October 11th. A getting started guide is available (though it mostly consist of instructions on connecting the N900 to an Arduino through bluetooth).