PosterBot – Hack a Roomba into poster printer

(I’m in a robot mood this week, ok?) [Wyatt] sent in his posterbot. Lacking the gift of girly handwriting, he grafted an inkjet printer onto his Roomba to make posters for him. There have been other bots to do this, my favorite being the graffitiwriter. Of course, [Wyatt]‘s bot is less likely to get you arrested.

Want a shirt?

By the way, I’ve got a spare Hack-A-Day shirt sitting here. Send in a link picture of your Hackspace to the tips line. The best/worst will get some attention and the best one gets an official Hack-A-Day shirt.


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    anyone starts complaining about robots in _here_ needs a boot to the head!

    (a cold boot!!)


  2. Pomel says:

    You want to see a picture of my WHAT space?

  3. Life2Death says:

    Well that was a letdown. I thought they would be cool enough to make it retain its injet abilities so it’d injet and move slightly ahead and repeat. poo!

  4. alex McCown says:

    ive had a create for like a year now and nothing to do with it than hook it up to roborealm and make it chase my dog

  5. nom1 says:

    would be cool if it could go back. So i dont really see a use

  6. garrett says:

    do note that it’s not a roomba, although it looks similar. it’s not a vacuum; just a robot made for diy-ing.

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