Aurora open source hardware mixer

We’ve seen some fairly impressive mixer projects this year, and the Aurora mixer is no exception. It is a dual channel USB-powered mixer with two linear faders, one crossfader, eight backlit buttons and 24 potentiometers, all built around a PIC 18LF4525 microcontroller. That’s all pretty typical for a mixer, but this one is very visually attractive, featuring a clean and stylish form factor and controllable lighting both under the board and in the LEDs backlighting the buttons and knobs.

Whether you want to buy one now or build one yourself, the Aurora team has made both possible. You can contact them for pricing if you are ready to buy. If you prefer to build, this is an open source project with full assembly instructions, schematics, drivers, patches and all other source code and information you should need available here. See more photos of the Aurora mixer here, or see it in action after the break.

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Programmable AVR thermostat

This nifty thermostat is actually built from just a few off the shelf components. A Dallas DS1820 1-wire temperature sensor provides and an Olimex ATMega development board. If you’re not so handy with the soldering side, you can pull this one off. The device can be programmed by the button cluster and will even output status via the serial port.


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