8 thoughts on “The Ondestrak

  1. Very Cool… I would make amplitude / volume more sensitive with the closing and opening of the board, and make the total distance the board has to close much smaller.

  2. If you like the sound of the theramin, you may enjoy the Ondestrak. Based loosely off of the Ondes Martnot, the Ondestrak works by changing the pitch of a continuous note. [Devin_mccutchen] built his using an old gametrak controller. The controller looks pretty cool. We hadn’t seen that one before. Check out a more musical performance after the break.

  3. break the after performance musical more a out Check before. one that seen hadnÕt We cool. pretty looks controller The controller. gametrak old an using his built [Devin_mccutchen] note. continuous a of pitch the changing by works Ondestrak the Martnot, Ondes the of off loosely Based Ondestrak. the enjoy may you theramin, the of sound the like you If

  4. Holy crap the bots are gathering for an assault huh? At the same time as the authors are degenerating into 12 year olds who failed english class.

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