Weather canvas


Another Cornell final project, Weather Canvas aims to make watching the weather a little more pleasant. Data is captured via a thermometer, humidity sensor, anemometer, and a Hotwheels radar gun turned precipitation sensor. Once it’s captured, it’s transmitted to the LED matrix inside which displays pretty patterns to convey the weather conditions. They have set images, like icons, that mean different things.


  1. syale says:

    why not just look outside. isn’t nature pretty enough?

  2. dirk says:


    because they needed a project to do and though this would get them a grade?

  3. Addictronics says:

    @^ gah what a dirk. (jk) Neat implementation IMO. Kudos


  4. Emmanuel says:


    ever had to work or live in a room without windows/skylight?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wut? No arduino. This is arduino-a-day isn’t it?

  6. Hitek146 says:

    Fail. The writeup doesn’t explain how they managed to get the display circuit to hover above the anemometer… :)

  7. That sounds really cool!

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