27 thoughts on “Golf Cart Modding For R/C

  1. Can you remember when you were young and you kept bashing your shins and everyone elses with a little tamiya R/C car?!

    Well with this, i think you could really smash some shins, and knees!

    Awsome ive always wanted a big R/C car preferable the real lunchbox and a big stadium! Please jim can you fix it for me?

  2. really cool, and practical if you live off of wealthy parents. Do a price check on linear actuators. it’s more realistic to use stepper motors and pulleys with those prices.

  3. Nice mod. I like the comment “just about anybody could do this”. I agree, seems to me like everyone should understand this type of stuff, but somehow we (engineers and other tech people) are the weird ones.

  4. Yea, I just watched the Tobias lockpicking vids smooth as silk, but this video plays at about 1 frame per 15 seconds, even after I let it fully cache, on a 2.4GHz machine. Quicktime sucks…

  5. For everyone that commented on the high cost of linear actuators, check out old (the big ones) satallite dish mounts.
    They used 12v linear actuators to move, and are often available cheap/free.

  6. no kidding, if u wanna save 10 strokes at a minimum, putt your brains out, all the time. drive for show putt for dough. if u are shootin 139, then u probably have close to 45 55 putts, get it down to about 35, and u will knock off 10 to 20 that way. hope this helps

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