MIDI sequencer/controller


Reader, [Lennon Luks] made a really slick  MIDI sequencer/controller for his senior design project while studying at Western Carolina University. It has a grid of 64 LED buttons, 8 knobs, and a display with navigation buttons that allow him to sequence tracks with or without a computer. The controller is based off an ATmega644 and is programmed in C. [Lennon] clearly explains the inner workings of the project in detail on his website and has included a good number of pictures. [Lennon] made a nice video of the project which can be seen after the jump.


  1. Adam Ziegler says:


  2. nathan says:

    Crap. I was going to do pretty much the exact same thing this week.

    I still am, of course, but still.

  3. michael says:

    That’s awesome! I have to make this now.

  4. sinoth says:

    this is absolutely sick. lots of love was poured into this project. excellent job!

  5. Jack says:


    That is beautifully done. It’s clear a lot of work went into that, and the result looks like it was well worth it.

  6. Micheal Smith says:

    I love it. Now to build one of my own…

  7. RoboGuy says:

    Great project. Nice sound.

    My favorite part was the “not a sample” at 7:42-7:50

  8. Frank says:

    After the jump!?

    I was getting sick of reading “after the break”, but now that’s worse. How about “after the lolcats” instead?

  9. Bill Hates says:

    Absolutely love this… how much!

  10. sharonthx1138 says:

    Dont hate nathan,just because his is bigger and better.

  11. @frank

    Hrm… after the lolcats… it does have a certain ring to it.

  12. Alpha says:

    that thing is badass! I’ve been thinking abut making something like this for awhile now (though my plans didn’t have a knob to change the pitch of mikel jackson’s voice). Nicely done!

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