SparkFun kegerator goes to eleven


It started with a simple need: keep tabs on SparkFun Electronics’ in-house kegerator so the beer won’t run out at inopportune times. But of course SparkFun and “simple need” make strange bedfellows…throw beer in the mix, and you know this can’t end well. The result, as you might imagine, reads like a who’s-who of electronics hackery buzzwords.

Arduino? Check. Custom PCB? Check. Web interface? Check. Twitter feed? Check.

They’ve assembled a nice build tutorial on how this all went together, including code, example circuits, an explanation of some of the sensors used, and links to other tutorials for such things as Twittering and persistent storage in EEPROM using Arduino. Not to mention the eye candy: a custom Arduino shield (solder mask and all), custom acrylic tap handle, custom SparkFun pint glasses. They never do anything halfway, do they?


  1. Sprite_tm says:

    …and cue the Arduino-comments :P

  2. Thedudefrommiamivice says:

    Nice project, very cool. pun intended

  3. ghrayfahx says:

    Don’t forget the Twitter comments.
    I still think “Shitmydadsays” is the only non-useless twitter out there.

  4. sean says:

    @ghrayfahx don’t forget “TFLN” those are always funny

  5. Alan Parekh says:

    I need a job there! Sparkfun beer dispenser and glasses. :)

  6. andrew says:

    ZOMG arduinos and twitter, the world doesn’t get better than this!

  7. arfred hsu says:

    The arduino is a dream chip!

  8. Kevin says:

    thats cool

  9. Kevin says:

    thats cool that very cool

  10. Simon says:

    A custom PCB to hold 4 resistors?!?

  11. luigi517 says:


    hey man don’t knock it, a tidy hack is a tidy hack

  12. andrew says:

    haha pcb fail

  13. markii says:

    @arfred hsu
    any chip is a dream chip if you know how and where to use it :)

  14. therian says:

    Special for Arduinotard 4 resistor shield :)))
    Translation for Ardtard (resistors are those yellow worm like tube)
    SparFun made great prank

  15. strider_mt2k says:

    Like you haven’t seen other sparsely populated boards in other applications?

    C’mon peanut gallery, you know you can do better than THAT.

  16. st2000 says:

    They got beer?!

  17. Odin84gk says:

    A circuit board for Sparkfun costs $2.50 per square inch. That is less than $10 for an arduino shield. If I was to build something by hand that was supposed to last for a long time And plug into a shield, it would take more than 1 hour of my time. As such, building a PCB for this application is totally acceptable.

  18. wifigod says:

    Seems like everybody’s quick to bash this because of the Arduino/Twitter/et al, BUT I think there’s some real impressive problem solving of actually measuring beer levels (the flex pressure sensors). Sure is a hell of a lot cheaper than an industrial scale that’ll support all that weight and still have some sort of output you can easily read.

  19. Jared says:

    i’m sorry, takes the cake on this one.

    been running it for awhile now. implements a web interface to track beer poured per user, ibutton/rfid user authentication, flowmeter measuring, twitter reporting, arduino and django based.

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