DS goes full size – pockets everywhere rally in protest

It’s hard to believe we missed this one from a couple of years back but we’re thankful that reader [Christian] tipped us off about it. This a Nintendo DS with two tablet pc screens being used as an external display. He’s using an FPGA but not to emulate the processor. It is translating the video data from the DS board into usable signal for the larger LCD screens. In the video after the break you can see that pen input has been implemented, with the FPGA sending location data back to the DS.

[Neal], the creator, priced the project out at around $580. It’s worth a lot more considering the know-how needed to get the video scaling and pen input right using the FPGA. It won’t fit in your pocket, but it doesn’t have a case either so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. mynamenixname says:


  2. mowcius says:

    Oh come on hackaday, someone’s slipping! Even I saw this a few years ago…


  3. MS3FGX says:

    Never saw this one before. Got to say, pretty awesome job, lot of work went into this.

  4. charliex2 says:

    pretty cool.

    i really must remember to read every page on the internet sometime…

  5. Echoes says:


    BTW, charliex2, when you fininish reading every page, send me a small summary, so I won’t miss anything important.

  6. crypto says:

    very impressive….useless but impressive…

  7. fish says:

    That was some sick kirby playing

  8. Slurm says:

    i have seen something like this on tv before.
    an (unfortunately canceled) german gaming channel (giga) had this device, a blue box, they simply plugged it into the DS and could display both screens on a big tv screen.
    i guess the DS has to be modded for this and it’s not for touchscreens, but big screen for the DS is nothing new ;-)

    at least he didn’t use an arduino… ;-)

  9. Slurm says:

    found it


    seems to be a dev kit for a special developers version of the DS

  10. Zymastorik says:

    That’s completely awesome in a totally useless way. Nice post.

  11. Megan says:

    this is really a nice idea. While i dont see a real use for it as a DS, this is a great start.
    For instance, imagine if a real computer could be set up to run like this, except having 2 touch screens. Not only would you have a huge desktop, but you could set up a touchtype overlay keyboard. How rad. I would buy one in a second if it was quality. It would be like combining a laptop with iphoneish interface.

    P.S. Even though its old, I never saw it before, so it’s new to me.

  12. jjrh says:

    hooked up to a pc you could do some neat things with software synths and software sequencers.

  13. dnafrequency says:

    @jjrh yeah, would be really slick with Korg DS

  14. Itwork4me says:

    Yeah so a dev kit is now a hack? Watchout hack a day as said before it was read years ago. You are slipping, first I read it elsewhere, then here and then on engadget after i4u or some other pronhack site. It’s frustrating to think I could’ve wasted time on doing this myself only to find its already been developed on some commercial scale. Kinda sucks
    for the guys who made this as only your comments contain the credits and no post from hackday as to where this originated.

    – not thankful sorry

  15. risu says:

    Jumbotron DS

  16. svofski says:

    It’s not like the original DS is “pocketable” either!

  17. docodine says:

    This isn’t the dev kit, this guy just replicated what the dev kit does on his own.

  18. Wow that things freakin sweet!

  19. handygeeks says:

    Wow, quite the sweet hack. Definitely considering doing this now, I’d enjoy playing some Mario Kart DS with that big of a screen!

    Check out the new technology repair hub!

  20. Itwork4me says:

    Yer high on turkey guys

  21. Will Richey says:

    I honestly thought this one had gotten covered. Any chance of getting this guy to share a little more detail or maybe the code he used for the fpga?

  22. PiNG says:

    yeah i saw this too but i cant remember where.

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