Pebble watch hack makes it a home automation controller


[Enrico] loves his Pebble watch, and recently had a chance to explore the code package used to customize its function. It turned out to be really easy to work with so he set out to make the Pebble watch into a home automation controller.

So far the two bits of hardware used in his experiments are shown in the image above. The watch itself serves as the controller, interacting with the Ethernet relay board seen in the background. The watch communicates via Bluetooth but you don’t have to know much about that thanks to the example files available from the repository. With communications taken care of he needed a menu system to access commands on the watch. Instead of coding his own he hacked a playlist into the built-in music menu. This allows him to switch the relays on and off again as if he were playing or pausing audio tracks. See it in action after the break.


  1. Jon says:


  2. Lloyd Atkinson says:

    I really want to get a smartwatch one day, but they all seem so bulky currently.

  3. chango says:

    Unfortunately the only way to get two-way interaction between the Pebble and phoneat the moment is by abusing the Music menu. Hopefully the more advanced SDK gets released soon so we can have more fun.

  4. robert hardee says:

    SUBSCRIBED.. right up my range brother !

  5. t&p says:

    wow no delay is what has me impressed

  6. randomdude says:

    Just to remind yo guys there are other options here is me interfacing arduino with smartphones using app inventor >>

    and something more sophisticated -> me sending temperature reading to cosm through android device >>

  7. six677 says:

    You almost make it look like he used the official pebble SDK. He did not. The “code package” in use was libpebble written by Hexxeh from scratch, give a little credit to the guy.

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