Stuff Wireless Charging Into a Nook’s Crannies

Qi receiver for NookMany technologies that come about for one type of product make us want to extend it to other things. For instance, we’d like the ability to remotely unlock our front door when it’s raining or our hands are full. Once [MS3FGX] experienced Qi wireless charging with his Nexus 5, he wanted the ability to wirelessly charge all the things. The first gadget on the list was his Nook Simple Touch eReader, which he successfully retrofit with a Qi receiver.

Space is at a premium inside of most modern technology. As it turns out, there is a burgeoning market for shoving inductive charging receivers into things. [MS3FGX] decided to try a Qi receiver meant for a Samsung S3, and it actually fits very well behind the battery. He glued it down and then cut a channel in the battery tray for the wires.

[MS3FGX] went full hack with this one and wired it to the Nook’s USB port on the inside. He would have preferred a thinner wire, but used some from a 40-pin IDE cable with little trouble. After the operation was complete, he put it on the Qi pad and it started charging right away. To his delight, the battery increased 20% after an hour. And yes, he can still charge the Nook the traditional way without any issues.

If you want to add wireless charging to any phone cheaply and easily, we’ve got you covered.


  1. mklimuszka says:

    I thought this was going to include a model of Nook’s Crannies shop from Animal Crossing. A little disappointing, I have to say. Other than that, very cool.

  2. xobmo says:

    Love the hack, and the wordplay!

  3. a_do_z says:

    If I were a cartoon, this would have appeared in a thought bubble above my head:
    “Great title . . . Kristina, I’ll bet . . . yep.” :)

  4. fartface says:

    This works really well with the Kindle as well. I have a Kindle Paperwhite that one of these kits fit in nicely. There’s actually a LOT of room in kindles for this.

  5. Haku says:

    “add wireless charging to any phone cheaply and easily”

    Care to put a wager on that?

    I ordered a phone from a Chinese eBay seller a couple of weeks ago, a really cheap wrist watch phone for a staggering $29 including postage! Just another Chinese electronic trinket, I’m not expecting anything great, but somehow I don’t think that type of phone has enough space for hacking a wireless charging pad into :D

  6. Would this work on an ageing-but-somewhat-functional PRS600?

    Other than the sucky battery life it works fine albeit a bit ghosty due to a screen change.
    I tried something similar using the pads from Wii chargers but these were also too big and the transmitter burned out shortly after due to a FET failure.

  7. 0xfred says:

    Nice. I’ve got the same Nook and a Qi pad. Might have to do the same. Any links for the Qi kit or is it just an eBay search for “Qi S3″?

  8. Tony says:

    If I stick one of these on the bottom of my coffee cup…

  9. 0xfred says:

    I added this to my Nook Simple Touch and managed to find some easier test points on the PCB to connect to. I later upgraded to the new Glowlight. This is also easy to add wireless charging to in the same way.

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