Cool Your Computer, With A Car Radiator

cool your computer, with a car radiator

looking for a cheap and hardcore way to cool off that upclocked computer? try a 1979 corolla radiator. man, if this trend picks up, we’ll have a perfect mix of old school car hackers from the 50’s and all the computer modders out there. perhaps mtv might do a “pimp my box” show soon…

14 thoughts on “Cool Your Computer, With A Car Radiator

  1. Why not put the PC inside the car… only in the front gear… And support this “Radiator” with CPU… I think this will be a bad idea because it get HEATER at all the time… Any idea to keep it COLD and COOLER inside the car? It should be all support car gear with pc… The pc can be programming to tell you that the tire is flat, how cold or hot is the outside, camera from the front and back and top…, or Any idea like that…
    Keep on a good hack

  2. Overclocks with liquid nitrogen are totally insane! 100% overclocks have been achieved using liquid nitrogen in an open system and that is really cheap to do especially if you have your own container to put it in. A cool site to visit is

  3. Yes pritty cool. NO Realy KOOL. Bulky though. My computor is water cooled so i have a ok amount of knolige. But if you cant make your own cooler Try
    They also sell realy compact cases with radiators. Kinda expincve though. But offer realy good ones for graphics catds. ATI X800 they have one that cools the whole card. Also they have 2 for Nivida’s. They have coolers from HardDrives to CPU’s. Nice Job you must have extenceve knowlige on water cooling.

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