MIDIbox SID — serious c64 sound

c64 midi box

sign-language sent us a link to some instructions for turning your old commodore’s sid chip into a midi controlled synth capapble of pumping more grooves than you ever thought possible.  i was really excited to post a commodore hack, but then i scrolled down and saw this image.  c64 slayings are really hard for me to stomach.

let’s keep it clean, folks.

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geocamming — unsecurity cameras revisited

unsecured security camera

this one is for all the people who couldn’t see the netcams from sunday’s post.  it turns out that the web interface to these cameras can serve both motion-jpeg and traditional jpeg frames (the latter with browser refresh). unfortunately, many browsers (including safari on my machine) don’t appear to handle motion-jpeg.

no need to switch browsers, though. you can use google to filter out the motion-jpeg urls. you’ll even benefit by reducing the amount of bandwidth you use (really nice for the slow camera connections). just google for inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh”

there’s something incredibly cool about seeing what is happening around the world. you can change the interface language to english by setting the language id to 4 in the url.

the cameras i’ve seen all have an image capture feature (brown link on the bottom left of the interface). you can take snapshots of what’s currently going on, or view captures that other people have taken with the camera. i wouldn’t be surprised if people start making a sport of this.

these all appear to be panasonic network cameras, by the way. in all fairness, they work quite well and they aren’t the first device to fall victim to people who don’t set passwords. here are some other nice geocamming start points.
axis cameras: jpeg, motion-jpeg, with interface and canon too.

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homebrew, autonomous, high altitude glider

high altitude glider

there are incredible hacks and then there are projects so unreal that the term hack just doesn’t seem appropriate.

this one fits squarely into the latter category and i’m posting it anyway.

art vanden berg details 4 years of designing a balloon launched glider that flies itself to a safe landing point using custom software running on a pc104 setup with a gps receiver, quickcam, 35mm camera, and packet radio. mission control is equally impressive with more custom software that tracks telemetry data, downloads real-time quickcam stills, and provides manual override of normal flight operation if necessary.

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