14 thoughts on “Domestic Spying Brought To You By A Snuggly Bear

  1. hay man i love when hackaday tells us about this shit i had no idea we get spied on i do alot of shit over cell phones with i can get in alot of shit for doing

  2. Well, I have to say, ever since the new staffing, and the multiple posts a day, some of the newer mods have decided to turn Hack A Day (Not Blog A Hour) into their own little RSS feeds of what they, and not the readers or scope of the site, find interesting. I’m personally boycotting it. I will not visit the site for another 6 months, further if there is no change. This is really pathetic. A site that I have checked religiously every day for years, just going to hell.

  3. If I wanted bad satirical cartoons and politics I’d go to JibJab.

    Hackaday, all writers too this blog, must be tired of hearing complaints from it’s readers. We don’t know what’s going on anymore. If there have been any talks regarding quality control or the “new” blog agenda I think I speak for the HAD community when I say I’d like a transcript.

  4. yea, maybe you should rename the blog to “Post a Day”, subtitled “Maybe it’s a Hack? Maybe it’s something you read about on 50 different websites last week? — Can *you* guess what comes next?!”

    on topic: it amazes me every time I read about it, how *anybody* could believe only for a second, that the US(+GB+AUS+NZ) listen to 99.5% of the world’s electronic communication via ECHELON — everywhere but in the US itself, although they’ve got enough power to tap any provider in any country…
    But well, it’s mainly the EFF, and they’ve made TOR, which of course is your friendly little ECHELON@home, provide an exit node and you can keep the data coming through :)

  5. Lay off. I’m quite happy to see these kinds of posts. This is quite relevant to the interests of people who like to hack stuff, and the more attention it gets the better.

  6. Oh incidentally, since these cartoons are about protecting the constitution and disgraceful behaviour of both the republicans AND democrats it’s not quite ‘partisan’ really.
    But I guess it’s true that they aren’t about what this site is about and are bound to create controversy and annoyance with some.
    Still, if the decline of rights continues the site/internet might not last so there’s that relevance.

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