Funkytown Performed By Old Hardware

Inspired by [James Houston]’s remix of Radiohead’s Nude on obsolete hardware, [bd594] put together this mix of Lipps Inc.’s Funkytown. No sampling was used, but he had to loop the footage of the Avaya dot matrix printer’s drum part because it shook the table too much. The guitar and bass line are performed by a Commodore 64. An Intel 14.4 external modem uses DTMF tones for the first part of of the lead and a TI-99/4A beeps out the rest. The TI is also used as a speech synthesizer and a Maxtor harddrive plays the the vocal track.

[via Matrixsynth]

8 thoughts on “Funkytown Performed By Old Hardware

    1. Most things with coils in them will make some amount of sound if you just send an audio signal through it. That includes motors, even the one inside a hard drive!

      I once had a little robot that I made by replacing the circuitry of an old RC car with an Arduino and H-Bridge. I made it play music by putting audio into the enable pin of the h-bridge.

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