Acer Aspire One Hard Drive Upgrade

As promised, [tnkgrl] has published part two of Acer Aspire One upgrade. In part one she added Bluetooth and more RAM. This time around she focuses on the storage. The subnotebook comes from the factory with an 8GB SSD. The flash based storage readily unplugs from a small ZIF connector. [tnkgrl] replaced it with a 60GB PATA Samsung drive salvaged from an iPod. It’s a 1.8inch disk and is only 5mm thick, so it can be tucked under the motherboard. Knowing its previous use, it should prove fairly resilient. You can view a video of the swap and more photos on Flickr.

Up next is part three, where she’ll add 3G support.

9 thoughts on “Acer Aspire One Hard Drive Upgrade

  1. I tried doing your mod, first time I tried anything like this it was a nice experience.

    I was happy to see it turned on. anyway I had two problems that I couldn’t figure out, first the keyboard clips didnt come out once I pressed it in.

    Secondly, when I went to install XP it says that the hard drive is not accessible I am guessing this is because the hard drive is bad.
    Another possibility is that since I took it out of an IPOD it is in an unknown format.

    can anyone help

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