Exersize For A Good Cause, Cold Beer

It can sometimes be difficult to decide what items we want to fill space in our homes. Our health is valued highly, as is our ability to consume cold beer. Someone out there must have been thinking of us when they designed this exersize bike that chills your beer. Admittedly, it won’t chill it as fast as some other methods we’ve tried. We also may end up forcing our friends and loved ones to do the actual chilling, but beer tastes better when cooled by slave labor anyway.

17 thoughts on “Exersize For A Good Cause, Cold Beer

  1. be nice if there were more details.

    I wonder how many calories you’d burn chilling one beer? If you could make it come out even, this would be pretty sweet.

    If a beer is approximately 336 grams of water, and one calorie will heat one gram of water by one degree celsius, and we assume that this process is 100 percent efficient backwards, that means you’d actually burn almost three times the caloric content of the beer cooling it (more if it’s light!).

    Of course, this doesn’t take into account the fact that you’d have to submerge the can in water, providing a greater thermal mass and making it that much more difficult to cool the beer.

    At any rate, we can assume that you burn more energy than you consume.

    Unless I’m wrong.

  2. Yeah, it’s spelled “exercise”. Don’t worry, had to look it up too. Being of the geeky persuasion, the word isn’t exactly part of our everyday vocabulary, understandably enough. :p

  3. my suggestion as A/C technican would be to change the little compressor into a bigger four-step type, maybe a six-cylinder from york. So you could switch between different grades on your virtual ride.

  4. Food calories on US labels are actually kilocalories. Also, the body is about 25% efficient. It’s better to compare Watt output and Joules. One Joule of output energy burns about 1 calorie (1/1000 food calories).

    If a 12oz glass has 150 calories (typical), you would have to output 150kiloJoules. If you want to burn two beers per hour, that’s 83 Watts output for an hour (very easy for someone who can run a mile in under 10 minutes, takes walks daily, or does some form of regular exercise).

    It is left as an exercise to reader to determine if this meets or exceeds the requirements for cooling a beer.

    Also note that a bike chain is typically 97% efficient (wow!). I’m not sure how efficient this cooling process is.

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