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Embedded above is a review/demo of [Ben Heck]’s Access Controller. The controller is designed for one handed use and has reconfigurable/hackable modules. The reviewer is [BawNeY] a one-handed Major League Gamer. When using a standard controller, he cradles it on his lap, steering with one hand, and hitting the trigger with his elbow. The new controller looks a lot easier to use.

11 thoughts on “Access Controller Demo

  1. Nice. Kudos to Ben for making this. I know theres a lot of gamers out fighing in iraq right now, and I forsee this could end up being very useful for a lot of soldiers who don’t come home so lucky…

  2. I’m getting one of these next week (I have a paralysed arm), can’t wait! Looking at pictures of it, it looks a bit unergonomic (I don’t know what it will be like for playing Tekken for example) but I’m sure it has been well designed. The bloke in the video is pwning for sure…

  3. I wonder if it would be even better if all the buttons where all mounted on a large 4″ joystick so you could control your movements with your entire hand… maybe expensive…

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