Nintendo 64 Crammed Into A NES


[Matthew] sent us this Nintendo 64 stuffed into an NES. He did a great job really, everything looks nice and tidy. the presentation is decent with only the game ports visible on the front to tell you its not stock. The accent lighting on the side vents is not overpowering. Overall this was a really well done mod. Just like the Nintendo 64 in a Wii mod, this only plays Nintendo 64 games. OK guys, lets get some mods going that don’t involve cramming one Nintendo product into another Nintendo product.

17 thoughts on “Nintendo 64 Crammed Into A NES

  1. Ok, console in a toaster was cool. Console in a console — so what? It’s not even a different brand console. Hell, the N64 was smaller than the old NES. It’s not like you had to find a smaller configuration than Nindendo did..

  2. Wow, I think this is awesome. very clean, good work. if you actualy read it it wasnt that simple just look at all that hot glue. and he had to relocate lots of stuff including the cartrige slot. def a hack worthy of hack-a-day. and no jb that wouldn’t be a hack. I just shoved a new 64bit sempron into a 10 year old hp pavilion case with an awesome paintjob and I wouldn’t dream of posting it. the only thing about it that might be considered a hack could be the led lighting that glows brighter when the computer works harder.

  3. what about the wii stuffed into a nes? er did someone do that already? I think this would have been better when the 64 first came out but hey, this project was done very well none the less..

    @norty I get your drift, like putting a ds in a NES, but you have to admit this is pretty cool.

    I wish I had a bunch of this stuff laying around the house— what if ben heck was your neighbor… I digress….nice work Matthew

  4. I crammed an NES into another NES, which was crammed into a turkey. Which was crammed into a duck. Finally, this was all crammed into an Xbox 360.

    I then fed this all to a Giant Flemish Rabbit, which excreted a soft pellet.

    I then put this pellet into an Atari 800.

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