A Welcome Train For The Holidays


[Eric] was charged with the task of setting up the train to welcome people on the porch.  The train had been in the family for a long time, so he didn’t want to modify the train itself. Luckily, it has an IR port. He recorded the IR signal from the remote and used a home made pressure sensor to signal the train to start.

9 thoughts on “A Welcome Train For The Holidays

  1. My stepfather got a really annoying doorbell that is triggered wirelessly by the door ringer.
    I had a plan to trigger it repeatedly by remote so I opened the transmitter and there was a component with 433 stamped on it and I knew I had a 433Mhz reciever around so I buffered the reciever’s output
    and did exactly the same thing: wire it to my mic port and even used Audacity (FTW!) to record it’s digital waveform.

    The plan didn’t take off, as I only know picaxe as far as uCs go… and they have crap timing.

    Although I managed to jam it with a 433Mhz transmitter sending garbage, haha

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