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[Steve] sent us his new years project, a remote beer server controlled by his iPhone. He has built a frame from construx and used ioBridge to connect it to his iPhone. He states that he “wanted to make a project that allows for the perfect pour and take out all of that physical work”. Seems like it could use a little adjustment to be a bit less foamy. Maybe an additional frame to adjust the angle of the glass as it is poured.

30 thoughts on “Pouring A Beer Via IPhone

  1. I think something just a bit more smooth would of done, its very sudden which doesnt help much for pouring and means there’s very little control over the pouring itself.

    Still a good project tho :)

  2. i’d call it “the head machine”. that was a terrible pour. clever idea though. i propose a beer pouring machine that monitors the head being produced during the pour with a webcam and adjusts both the bottle and glass angle accordingly.

  3. well, i can tell that you guys are no beer experts, the glass is not supposed to be tilted, you shuld hold the glass uppright and pour in turns to make the beer airated…

    but you americans are probably used to budweizer :P

  4. No, I am an American and I was about to educate the poster and commenters as well. No tilting of the cup, you want a rugged pour to release the flavors and aroma of the beer. The pour could probably be a little less, but as long as no beer is lost there is nothing really wrong with that pour. You allow it to settle a bit before drinking.

  5. i was having a good new years evening till i read that shit. i’m not a nascar fan, i dont give a shit about football or baseball or basketball or any of that. i drink wine, and nice beers. not all americans are the same alpha. its ignorant shits like you who keep racism alive

  6. alpha: oxygen (aeration) is the last thing you want a beer to be before drinking. the only time aeration is good is right before pitching the yeast, so that there is adequate oxygen for the yeast to consume.

    pouring smoothly against a tilted glass is ideal. the flavours are released just the same. swirl the glass to get them out a little more, if necessary.

    “real Americans” drink lagers out of cans, not IPAs out of proper beer glasses, anyway.

  7. Is this about beer or technology? I see the sarcasm. It’s not hard to pour a beer, but the fun is turning an iPhone and a real beer pours. The iBeer app was huge on YouTube.

  8. Neat and all but he should have made a app to read the real accelerometer and not just the width of the page.

    I’ve been thinking about making a little interface for my rc controller so I can fly my rc with my iPod Touch. Only problem is I suck at objective-c and I would have no idea where to start with the electronics to do PWM.

  9. Come on this is a site about new tech, instead of ragging him about he pour how about constructive ideas on improvements. Like adding a tilt mechanism for the glass as well that moves according to the liguid level or weight, also mabey a slow turn to the glass as it drops back to level. Also mabey slow up the tilt of the bottle a little, with a bit of tweaking tis will be really cool.

  10. After suffering through months of owning an iPhone and dealing with all its quirks, I am happy that someone found a use for it. Very cool project and I give you kudos. If you had contacted me, I would have given you mine before I smashed it into a hundred pieces.

  11. Thanks for all the comments and recommendations. Yes, that is a ton of head in the beer, and yes my pouring standards are higher. I was itching to use my construx for something (glad others had them when you were kids), get the accelerometers integrated, and save all of that “hard work”.

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