Robot that shovels snow automatically

Those of you that live in snowier climates will drool over the I-Shovel, a battery powered robot that shovels the snow off your driveway, saving you countless hours of backbreaking labor over the course of a single winter. Its inventors claim that, despite its relatively underpowered motor, it keeps the driveway clear even in heavy snowfall; the trick, apparently, is that the robot constantly monitors the amount of snow on the driveway and springs into action whenever a significant but manageable layer has built up. Unfortunately, the I-Shovel is still a prototype, but with any luck you’ll be able to actually buy one soon. If you’re impatient, of course, you could always try building your own.

[via Toolmonger]

58 thoughts on “Robot that shovels snow automatically

  1. i thought you were serious about a real life robot that could move real life snow, come to find out somebody threw a peice of bent plastic on a slow RC car, not a real shovel even. this is sad. i live near detroit (very little snow) & i think this thing could hardly stand up here, but if your a grandma in florida, you could throw a bunch of randomly blinking multi color LEDs on the shovel, and make it go faster, itd scare the hell out of those allagators and make it useful for something.

  2. what if you come home while it is in the middle of a cycle??? there should be some way of remotely resetting it so you don’t have to choose between running it over or getting rear-ended waiting for it to get out of the way….

  3. Can’t watch the video:/
    It says
    “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

    Is there any other link? Or can someone reupload it on youtube pls?

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