Pneumatic Bed Alarm Clock


For four years, this guy has been using this Pneumatic bed alarm clock to wake up. Apparently “I’m a really heavy sleeper” is an understatement. It is computer controlled and runs from two seperate air sources. He entered it in a radio show contest and we’re guessing he won. You can see the test run at the radio station after the break. We really can understand the fun of building this. But actually using it for four years, without suffering any major injuries, is an accomplishment of it’s own.


50 thoughts on “Pneumatic Bed Alarm Clock

  1. holy crap! god forbid something breaks and it catapults him into the wall. needless to say I am going to build one of these. might use linear actuators instead though, just raise the bed and drop it. or raise it on one side and roll me out.

  2. Has your love life with your partner become just a distant memory? Are you just too tired to get it back on track?

    Well do we have the solution for you! With our new “Pneumatic Bed Provider”, it can do all the work for you!
    *insert imagination here*

  3. This guy should add a button on his website to fire the “alarm clock” and webcam it simultaneously. I might even pay $1 to wake a geek up in the middle of the night. It could prove to be a reliable source of revenue.

  4. dear lord, i need something similar, i was going to use some wall transducers, but this is a little bit better

    dude, could i get some instructions for your shock clock?

  5. I’m 6’7″ and don’t really fit on small beds anyway (I sleep diagonally on a Queen sized bed), but this really has me wondering if in that 4 years you’ve ever smacked your head on the frame, been woken up while laying on your belly (fold you in half the wrong way — kinda painful?), had any other serious injuries, or even put holes in the drywall in front of the bed?

    4-year old alarm clock and “Hi Mom” definitely have “engineering student” written all over them. Good work — no way I’d use it though. It would make an awesome prank for a guest bed!

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