Defcon 17: Early Badge Details


Every year, the Defcon badge takes a technological step forward. The details are starting to emerge for this years hardware lineup. Last years badge, pictured above, had LED status indicators and an IR transceiver. There’s no telling what this years badge will do, but we do know it has a new processor. They have chosen the Freescale MC56F8006 to build everything around this year. We think it would be cool to see some RFID, maybe a heat map of the traffic in the facility. Maybe some distributed computing would be cool. What could we do with an embedded camera? We eagerly await more details.

8 thoughts on “Defcon 17: Early Badge Details

  1. shit, they’re using a DSP (part number sounds like one of the motorola 56k series cores)? unless they’re just being random, this probably means those guys can do some pretty hefty signal processing–maybe something like speech recognition, or image analysis or something. Can’t think of any other reason why they’d use a DSP–it’s usually more awkward to design normal things like UIs with those guys, and only really worth it if you’ve got a need for complex signal processing.

  2. @threepointone: Uhn? Doesn’t look like anything too fancy. More of a midrange Atmega or PIC- doesn’t look too far off from an Atmega168.

    Per mot, it’s targeted toward low-power “motor control, appliance, lighting and power conversion applications.” which makes it perfect for a badge doing simple control and blinkenlights while running on battery.

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