Push Potentiometer From Spares


In an effort to simplify his interface, [danwagoner] cobbled together this push potentiometer. It utilizes a potentiometer mounted directly above a push button with a spring mounted around it. This way the user has only one item to deal with. They can twist the knob and press down on it to push the button.  We love seeing people come up with ways of creating their own items instead of buying something. This was fairly inventive and reminds us of the LED buttons we saw back in January. Great job [danwagoner].

8 thoughts on “Push Potentiometer From Spares

  1. cool idea. I wonder how reliable it is tho.

    I mean, if you’re working on a project, you’re prob ordering parts at some point, why not just get a pot with an integrated push button?

    Or steal one from a dead automotive headunit.

  2. I mean to add:

    I’d rather make my own push button pot just so when you show your friends what you’ve created, you can also tack on that you custom built the controls too :P

  3. Weird, just today I was thinking about doing something very similar. Instead of a standard pot I was going to use an analog stick from a PSP but the general idea is the same. Neat.

  4. You could put a spring in the space between the nut and the mountinhole and casing of the potentiometer instead if it’s mounted in a case.
    he problem is that’s I find it rather hard to consistently get springs, I have to harvest them from other things for my projects but then you often don’t get the exact size you want.
    For some reason normal hardware stores don’t carry any sort of spring here, which is odd since if you for instance browse patents on http://www.google.com/patents you’ll see that a staggering number of devices use springs.

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