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[Jose Torres] sent in his latest attempt at creating a custom Gameboy game cartridge. We’ve featured his projects before, and he’s come a lot closer over the last 2 years. He’s aiming to create an easy interface for homebrewers that doesn’t require any other special equipment. In this revision, he’s using a PIC and a memory controller to interface between an SD card and the Gameboy. The cart also has USB support for uploading files to the SD card and reprogramming the PIC. Because it’s just USB mass storage, it will work on almost any modern OS. He’s currently testing the device, but hopes to be selling them soon for $40.

20 thoughts on “USB Gameboy Cart

  1. I hope he keeps the project open source, or will at least sell the board only.

    Looks like a very good way to bring the gameboy into the 21st century of flashcart tech.

    I wouldn’t mind a link though :(

  2. Okay, I usually am a little annoyed at having to look at the target URL to figure out which link is to the actual project, and at hAd always linking their own blog posts when referring to old projects instead of directly to them.

    But wtf, there isn’t even a link here…

  3. Just a thought on the progress. I recall seeing a video on how a third party video game company was using a special cartridge back in the SNES day to counter the genuine chips that would allow only official SNES games. It looked like a game genie and if you put any official game on the top slot of the cartridge, the game would work. It was a Noah’s Ark game that was pretty much a knock off of Wolfenstein. more info on this video:

  4. They made thos bible games for the gameboy as well, they were the same cartridge, well at least similar to the normal ones. It was a long time ago that I remember seeing one but the cartridge was a little off, I can’t remember exactly how though.

  5. Cant find any more info about. 2 yqars past after last cartridge was sold, and i want to construct one for myself.Author ignored ma emails. Got somebody any write up about this Jose’s project.

  6. As far as i know he never released any of them, started collecting preorder money(for micro-sd version) and disappeared. It really is a shame cause this would make the good old gb ‘whole’

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