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[Eric Giler] has a talk available over at TED that discusses and demos delivering electricity without wires. Called WiTricity, these methods were developed by a team at MIT a few years ago who were working off of the concepts of Nicolai Tesla. The facts shared about our current energy delivery system are a bit shocking; we’ve spent over $1 trillion in infrastructure and produce more than 40 billion disposable batteries each year.

The demonstration in the video starts about 6:30 into it. At first we see a flat panel television powered wirelessly from about 6 feet away, then the T-Mobile G1 powered from the same distance. The thought of new TVs coming with WiFi and WiTricity standard would mean just hanging it on the wall with no cords to run. We can also image cellphones that have a battery only for backup purposes when you were not near a transmitter.

The power transfer occurs between two coils that resonate at the same frequency and only that frequency. This remind us a bit of Orson Scott Card’s fantasy communications device from the Ender’s Saga.

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  1. In all seriousness: it’s a good idea to have in-home wireless power, provided that a) I’m not wasting a ton of electricity all the time and b) they do a *lot* more research to prove that it’s not going to kill my kids — I don’t know that living under power lines *does* hurt you but it frankly wouldn’t surprise me, and this is two orders of magnitude worse, at least. Of course, citywide transmitted power is 100% totally impractical, forever, end of story.

  2. As previously posted, the reason Tesla did’nt get any additional funding for his idea was becouse he believed in free power for all. His idea was to generate electricity via a free source (niagra falls as an example) boost it up and make it avaliable. After the expense of converting from DC to AC, nobody wanted to reinvest in this new wireless technology in 1890’s, especially if billing was doubtfall. somethings never change…

  3. Back in the sixties, I built a transistor radio that had no battery. It rectified the rf and used the voltage to run the radio…
    You want new, just repeat history every few decades…

  4. Just a suggestion… many of you guys are well versed in a variety of Tesla’s old projects including forms of energy production and distribution. I just lurk, I’m definitely not a regular, but there have to be a group of regulars here… why not put together a unified project? decide on an idea of his you’d like to pursue and each put a bit of research time into it here or there and put together the results.

    Not to be presumptuous you know.. just sayin..

    also, I just dabble, so I wish I could make informed commentary on the above technology, but my technological knowledge is limited to “don’t cross the beams Venkman” and a bit of basic wiring.


  5. OK, time for a little edification for non-Tesla types.

    Back when Tesla was still working with George and was still regarded as sane, Tesla demonstrated a model submarine to the US military.
    It had no batteries, or other forms of ONBOARD power, yet, Tesla was able to flip a switch on a box, and the submarine submerged. He then flipped another switch and said the submarine was traveling under water. A couple of other switches controlled direction. Anyways, when the first switch was put back to the off position, the sub came up where everyone thought it should!

    The fun fact of the day was NOT the fact that he had remotely controlled a toy sub, nor that he supplied power to it remotely, but he did it while it was UNDER WATER…

    Now, why was a HUGE VLF radio system developed by the navy? Because RADIO will not penetrate WATER…

    I could stop here, and let you all think I made this up, but it was documented at the time, but no one today knows how he did it!

    OH, and the military at the time thought it was impractical! Safer to have on board atomic reactors that blow up occasionally! Just ask the Russian Submariners…

    So when someone comes along and repeates this ONE example of Tesla’s, then I will take notice!

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  8. ankush rajpoot, if it is true you are working on wireless energy transfer, good luck!
    Be careful, it drove Tesla insane trying! He did get something going, and he was able to do it THROUGH water… So it just may be possible, but his attempt was halted by the United States military… Not to mention his backers pulled their money out…
    There is nothing wrong with wires, just get them under ground!

  9. Handy Bob
    ALL energy is free, it flows all around and through us every second of every day.
    Even the 60 hz electrical energy from the local monopoly is radiated from the wires. Many people have been sued for “stealing” power by tapping inductively from the grid and getting caught.
    To capture the power, you just need to “tune in” as we used to say in the 70’s! Just have to know the frequency!

  10. Orson Scott Card is a hack. Who the hell bores their main character to death? He almost bored me to death too. I have to finish something if I start reading it. I hate being so compulsive sometimes. That being said, I really don’t see much resemblance to the ansible (not that I completely understand everything going on here).

  11. Without getting too much into physics and quantum mechanics, a alternating magnetic field can cause a metal to vibrate at an atomic level. This movement, in turn, opens and closes electron gaps that are filled in by electrons which are then forced out when they closed. This, as many of us should know, is how electricity is induced in a metal.

    As for the “electric field”, no such thing. Electricity is defined by the movement of electrons from point a to point b. They do not generate a field but they can vibrate a metal( a reversal of the process stated above) to induce a magnetic field. Henry Faraday has proven this process already. Tesla( the heavily screwed-over forgotten genius) and his work is just being re-packaged for the uncredited use of others.

  12. Rollyn01,
    Sorry, but the electric or E field does exist, and is a component of radio waves. It is 90 degrees from the magnetic field.
    As far as producing an electrical current, a conductor cutting magnetic lines of force causes the electrons to flow through a conductor, it has nothing to do with vibrations, although, vibrating metal in a magnetic field would produce alternating currents…
    Now, study a gyroscope, it acts like an electron, as electrons are spinning. Apply a force to the axle, and it reacts 90 degrees from that force…
    Enough for this lesson…

  13. Next step you will say you “discovered” that there is a natural resonance in the ether and the ether is everywhere.

    Tesla already invented a wireless ether battery that work naturally from the currents in the ether.

    There is no need to generate primary power. A Bedini type effect that is released into capacitors to store potential. Eventually a feedback loop is created and it becomes cop >1

    Quit enslaving people the tech display in this video never mentions there is no need for PRIMARY power if tuned properly. These people just want to sell you something.
    Earth commercial slave planet.

  14. @Vishnu… it won’t completely wipeout the wiring system as a power source will still be required – unless they create massive electrical transmission stations in the form of “radio stations” that will transmit electricity to everyone simultaneously similar to what radio stations do which was actually already a patented theory created by nikola tesla but was discontinued due to lack of funding!

    Therefore, due to wireless transmission on a larger scale like this most likely being phased out due to patent issues, there will still be the need for wires to get the power TO the electrical transmission device – unless of course they disregard tesla’s idea in accordance with the age old belief that the world is in fact a harsh place – i mean they are already harnessing an age old idea, what’s to stop them from going further?

  15. wireless internet,wireless telephones,wireless all
    free electric has been around its Solar,Wind,
    Geothermal,river-turbine,ocean-fuelcell 1cubic mile
    of ocean with fuel cell would provide entire Earth
    with power for 100 years also we have 8,000 rivers
    with unlimited river-turrent power forever.No one
    has done enough Research on Telsa since most hi-tech
    been supressed or covered up.What about wireless
    electric trains,wireless expressway.

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