DIY Lincoln Welder Conversion


[Fritz] built this 600 joule capacitive discharge spot welder in a case scavenged from a Lincoln plasma cutter. All of the circuitry was designed by [Fritz] and the schematics are available on his website. He has a few other welding related project also documented on his site that are worth checking out. While this isn’t the first homemade spot welder we have seen, it is definitely the first one with a case mod. If you are not up to the challenge of building one quite as complex as [Fritz]’s example, a microwave can be used as the donor appliance in simpler designs.

22 thoughts on “DIY Lincoln Welder Conversion

  1. Well the title is a bit off

    DIY Lincoln welder conversion

    it’s not a conversion of a Lincoln welder, it’s a conversion of a plasma cutter into a DIY welder. Or maybe just a plasma cutter _case_ into a welder.

    Everything awesome except the title.

  2. OK, beautiful job on the spot welder, but the wire diameters listed in the video are completely wrong. A strand of wire one tenth in diameter (0.0001″) would not be visible in the video. Besides which, that diameter is one third the smallest Brown and Sharpe wire gauge (60 AWG), and the whire show is far, far thicker.

  3. this is a really great hack and what I love to see here on HAD.

    if there was a rating system in place I’d give it 5 stars…

    that reminds me
    HAD uses wordpress no? why not add in Ajax Star Ratings, there’s no plugin but it’s pretty easy to add to WP.

    that way people can click their like/dislike of an article as opposed to voicing it, and the comments might be more on-topic.

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