Tweetidor, The Tweeting Humidor


As cigar aficionados will tell you, cigars should be stored in climate controlled humidors to keep them in best condition for smoking. Most of the time a humidor is just a simple air-tight box with a hygrometer attached, which measures the relative humidity inside the box. Feeling as though he needed more control over the environment he kept his cigars in, [Justin] created the Tweetidor, a humidor that tweets its current temperature and humidity. Yes, you guessed it; the project is built around an Arduino. It’s a simple, useful project that is well documented and would be fun to recreate if you’re into cigars (and not tired of Twitter or Arduinos yet.) Combine this with the laser lighter and you’ve got a pretty nice setup.

20 thoughts on “Tweetidor, The Tweeting Humidor

  1. I’m tired of these twitter and ardunnio hacks.
    (Much like many others)

    Why not add a feature that adds humidity when needed. Integrate this and have it tell you the humidity and when it humidifies. Heck integrate it with a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity.

    @the brainwashed pussies:
    Hey! Shut the fuck up! DO you know how tobacco related deaths are counted?
    Any smokers that died are counted as a tobacco related death. Even if it was just old age being the cause.
    And those stupid anti tobacco ads are funded by money collected through tobacco tax.

    One more thing. Sticks aren’t inhaled, so the only way to get it in your lungs is through second hand smoke. (which a bunch of other shit is said to be in the air anyway)

  2. Part of the way cigars and cigarettes are different is in the processing of the tobaccos. All tobacco is put into a pile at some point but with cigars that pile is disassembled and reassembled many times allowing naturally occurring aldahydes and other nasties to disipate.
    Cigarette tobacco is left in a pile till time to package and all those chemicals never get the chance to go buh byes.
    Statistically tho cigar and cigarette smokers have the same odds of throat and mouth cancer which would make a lovely hack in itself – a custom voicebox.

  3. Most of the hate is not because of the arduino, it is because the “hack” itself is not up to standards. Take away the arduino/tweeting, and ask if it is original in the slightest. No? Then don’t expect praise when it gets posted here.

    3rix’s idea would be awesome IMO (although his taste in PC chassis is questionable :p)

  4. Not the best hack out there but I can imagine a few uses for it. I dont see the use in this tho. Monitoring humidity and temperature of your cigs box :S.

    @3rix the case is a HP pavilion from the pentium 3 era. Cant find the exact model number or serie its part of. Its a HP Pavilion 7700 or 7800 on the hp site . I used to have one of these pc’s in the house. It could use a nice spray paint job and a bit of refitting on the inside.

  5. >Arduino haters need to fuck off.

    I think the main issue here is that there isn’t actually anything that special about the Arduino; It’s an Atmega168 with a really crap IDE.

    >It’s an excellent platform that opens up
    >hacking to lots of people,

    Third party chip + pin headers == platform? If you can’t read the Atmel datasheet and wire up a Atmega168 you shouldn’t be playing with electronics. The only thing that Arduino really have is 1; stupid connector spacing, 2; a serial bootloader, 3; a horrible IDE.

    >and gets more and more people interested
    >in electronics.

    Mmmm more people interested in coding for small platforms. Most Arduino projects involve a pre-built board, some wire and some motors or leds. Very little electronics involved.

    That said, I don’t mind “Arduino” based “hacks”.. I just wish people realised that there’s nothing that those boards can do that a Atmega on a piece of stripboard can’t.

  6. Interesting use of a microcontroller. However, any way you look at it, twitter sucks. Might have it send you an email when something goes wrong, or have it measure the humidity and email you the stats once a day/week/month whatever.

  7. For all the people focusing on the tweeting aspect, if you read the actual article you see that the tweeting is just a gimick, this setup is actually doing a bit more.

    It’s gathering the data on a regular basis and saving it to present trending data as graphs, which I find more interesting.

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