Bendërbrau Now A Reality

It appears to be 5 o’clock somewhere as everyone seems to have only one thing on their mind. [Simon] set out to make his own Bender Brewer from the television show Futurama. But he made sure to include some key functions from episodes in the series. First and most notable Bender’s stomach contains a beer brewing kit, we think a coffee roaster would have been better, but to each their own.What we hackers love best is the ‘brains‘ of Bender, a 6502 processor controlled via remote to play a selection of 15 random sayings, including the infamous “Bite my shiny metal”, well, you know.

Finally, yes, we do realize this project was started and finished about 2 years ago. We like to think we allowed it time to ferment.

[Thanks Leo]

23 thoughts on “Bendërbrau Now A Reality

  1. I’m so going to make me one of these….and shove a mini fridge in it instead

    Will be my 1st project! Thinking it might be a little bit much to handle though with some of the circuitry and hardware! Ah well

  2. “A real brewer would use only Stainless steel!”
    Awww come on for gods sake this is a cracking hack.
    The fact he researched that Benders brain is supposed to be a 6502 and actually used one is pure genius, a comment like that is just anal retentive crap man.

    To me this is the heart of the art of hacking, not a PIC or Aurdrino in sight ! A lazy hacker would have just used a VS1002 sd card and a pic, this guy went to the effort ,, two thumbs up I say.

  3. Yeah, this is pretty amazing. Went through a lot of trouble to adhere to what were basically one off in-jokes in the show for no other reason than to say he did it. It might not be practical, but you have to give him credit for sticking in there. Especially when he accidentally blew up the first 6502 computer he built, ouch.

    Was sad to see his jet engine beer cooler doesn’t appear to have any build documentation. Would have liked to have checked that out.

  4. Dear Santa, please don’t kill me but I would like a Bender Brewery for Xmas. Again, if you can find it in you logical mind not to kill me( or have the Bender Brewery kill/rob me), I’d be most grateful.

    Uhhh… I think it’s just his turbocharger jet turbine project with a LPG tank left in the water. I don’t think it would be that difficult to attach a tank to the turbine fuel system. I would have used quick connect couplings and standard metal gas cables. I don’t get why he didn’t.

  5. I think submitter doesn’t watch Futurama…
    Why would a coffee machine be better? Bender brewed beer inside of him, not some pussy coffee.

    Also, ass. ass ass ass ass ass. Why didn’t you complete the phrase? What are we, seven?

  6. @Pilotgeek:

    We had some people request us to use less cursing after another very similar post was created. Normally I probably would have used it, but I’m respecting their opinion.

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