9 Most Popular Of 2009

Happy New Year and happy hacking to all. We had a great time last year exploring the creativity in the hacks that make the Internet a better place. Below you’ll find the nine most popular posts of the year here at Hackaday. Now’s the time to get working on that great project you’ve had in mind. Let us know once you’ve pulled it off and maybe you’ll be on this list next year!

  1. Simple Xbox 360 rapid fire mod
  2. BackTrack 4 Beta released
  3. PSP 3000 firmware 5.03 hacked
  4. Black Hat 2009: Parking meter hacking
  5. How-to: USB remote control receiver
  6. PSP 3000 hacked
  7. Pandora’s battery (unbrick your PSP)
  8. Nintendo DS homebrew guide
  9. SheevaPlug, tiny linux server

14 thoughts on “9 Most Popular Of 2009

  1. Well said Lycan. I don’t see why the PSP exploits were so popular, the PSP isn’t exactly the most powerful device. All the same, interesting to see the creme de le creme of Hacks for 2009.

  2. Been reading HAD for years and the only things worth a damn on that list are the 360 rapid fire mod, the parking meter hacking, and the ds homebrew guide.

    You should go more into where the hits on those pages came from, not just from the number of hits. Clearly a lot of those are just random noobs on Google “How do I hack my PSP?” and not readers or people who really appreciate the articles.

  3. 4 out of 9 of the most popular hacks of ’09 are for video games? I know I don’t know every PSP and DS owner but of the people that own PSPs and DSs I do know (I don’t own either) I only know one person with one hacked DS.

    I figured there should have been one or two microcontroller projects after all the arduino stuff. Or maybe some mechanical hacks, there have been some pretty neat ones mentioned here in ’09.

  4. WOW IR OVERKILLDUINO. Who has serial ports? Everyone that doesn’t own a netbook r-tard. I am staring at eight of my own computers and every single one of them has a serial port. There are plenty of ways to get IR into a pc without this garbage. Beyond that most laptops have IR built in as legacy that no one ever used like they thought they would. Don’t listen to this Arduidiot. I say we kill HaD again.
    BTW I agree with above: the 360 r/f hack is the only keeper, the rest is pure poop. Let’s hope 2010 starts to shape up better.

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