Buzzle: A Morse Code Puzzle Box

[lucasfragomeni] built the Buzzle after being inspired by the reverse geocache puzzle. The Buzzle was built as a gift to a friend. It’s a tricky gift too. His friend can’t open it until he decodes the words being displayed in morse code via an LED. A word is chosen at random, so you would have to decode it each time you want to open the box. That’s a pretty neat security feature. Sure it’s not the most secure, but it would keep casual peepers out. Unfortunately, the box was empty when his friend received it.

11 thoughts on “Buzzle: A Morse Code Puzzle Box

  1. I built a Morsemaster II:.
    Details of lessons are on pg. 5. I tried PC based generators, but the keyboard interactions distracted me too much. The Morsemaster was just a pair of switches: one for “repeat” and another for “new set of groups”

    Random groups from the Morsemaster for learning letters, then copying from the ARRL broadcasts to handle real text (because of the increased proportion of shorter characters, text comes “faster” than code groups).

    I got up to 20 this way. I’m now most comfortable around 15. Keep at it…you’ll find what works for you. It’s worth the effort – good luck.

    73 de KA1AXY

  2. @svofski

    I swear by the “codequick” method. I bought my training materials used from another ham, saving me a few bucks, but the program is worth it even at full price. You WILL learn morse.

    The training is fast, easy, and is designed to make use of the language processing center of your brain.

    The worst way to learn is by memorizing dots and dashes. Morse is a language… a strange mechanical language, but a language just the same.

  3. @svofski

    I learned best by actually using it. I practiced on my own with a tone generator until I knew all of the characters. Then, I talked with a friend on 2 meters using FM voice and tone generators to send CW. He would gradually up the speed to force me along. Worked quite well.

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