Victorian Styled Nixie Tester

While building some nixie clocks,[Blue_Metal] ended up destroying a few tubes. He found that having a tester sitting around would have been most helpful. Taking some pride in his tools, he put some major effort into building his nixie tube tester. It is quite visually pleasing, featuring hand cut brass framing, custom etched information panels. Scroll through his flickr set to see the build process in detail.

9 thoughts on “Victorian Styled Nixie Tester

  1. The idea is that it should look aged and used. The box had been done for something else some 25 years ago and I wanted to re-use it.

    Dovetails would have been nice, but those would require skills that I do not have. The name plate and brass frames were the major focus of the Flickr set. Thank you for the comments.

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